Monday, October 25, 2010

What a great weekend!

Who's a good witch?

Monday morning I was very upset- seems like my stomach issues are back.  I had a slight meltdown...well maybe not so slight.  I was just thinking about all the crap going on like waiting for a urine culture to come back, wondering if my pap smear is OK, when I'm gonna have my D&C, and what the heck to do about my stomach!  I'd like to just have 0 medical issues going on, but I should be grateful they aren't serious even though at times I swear I'm falling apart!  As much as my mind races with all kinds of crazy thoughts I can't bring myself to go back to the Zoloft or even take a Zanax.....I guess I like torturing myself. LOL
Thank God for Rob this morning!  

Thinking back on the weekend does make me so happy even though I miss my good friend Leann and her family in CT.

Friday night at our house...wish I would have taken more pics!  



Oh if I lived closer I would stopping by and hanging out when ever I could....I laughed a lot with these guys!

Leann and I are so different but yet so a like and when she told me how she rescued this plant I nearly died!
When she started watering it is was a stub!
Maybe it's Catholic girl thing? 

Little sis

I could take pictures of Leann's house all day!

The beautiful things you can find in a little boy's room.................

I'm really going to miss harrassing you.....I kept out of your room. 

And the Little Doll's room..................

I'm so happy Leann has Bence, he is a great guy!

Onto the Baptism 

There's that little artist Jack

So Sweet

And onto the Blessing of a Marriage.........

What a great couple

Priceless face Leann- could it have something to do with the Little Angel sitting in Father's chair on the alter waving and saying "I'm the Queen......I'm the Queen".  I love that Little Doll.

Love you Leann and miss you guys so much!
Thanks for being the best friend ever. 
Leann is a wonderful best friend from high school that no matter how long we don't get to talk we never skip a beat.  When I found out about my cancer I didn't tell Leann right away.  She had been through BC with her mom and I really didn't want her bothered by it again- She's that sweet and special to me.  After letting her know I can't imagine how I would have gotten through it without her continual support and prayers.  She is definitely one of the main healers in my life.


c pauline said...

God bless them all.
What a great couple and
such wonderful children.
God will watch over them,
with all the angels and
What a wonderful experience.

Leann said...

Oh, Danielle! I am HONORED to be your best friend. Every time I mention you, Bence says "She really is a best friend"...even before he really knew you he knew what you meant to me! I love you and your parents and pray for you all every day. Thanks for the happy tears reading your posts and seeing the photos :)