Friday, December 13, 2013

Lucas Raymond

  Today is my Baby's Birthday!!

I'm so very proud of my 17 year old!  He has worked hard in school, played sports, made friends, participated in church, helped people and gave his family so much love.  I know he will do more great things in years to come.

I love him so very much.  I could never do for him what he has done for me....but I'll keep trying! 

Friday, August 30, 2013

Oh it's been busy, but an update of sorts

De-cluttering is coming to an end, the house is being built and I hurt myself.  I'm moving slower than usual and the de-clutter is going slow, because of my injury.  Bending over is pretty painful, but I'm working on getting the medicine routine down to cut down on the pain.  :)

I did manage to do an update on my progress with my Foob life over at PlanetFoob:

It's the holiday weekend- Have fun in the sun!

Friday, August 23, 2013

De-clutter Update Aug 23rd

More stuff to give away
Dog not included

Does it seem like I'm slacking....well sort of?  There are a few things that are harder to get rid of then others. Written words are hard for me to dispose of.......not sure why.  I mean some are easy to not want to get rid of; like letters from Mimi (my mom's mom).  It's all I have left that let's me sense her; reading her words brings her to life for me.  I still miss her so much.  No one will ever love me like Mimi- grandmothers are just so special.  No one has ever looked at me the way Mimi did and no one ever will.  I felt like her beautiful blue eyes seen right into my soul.

I was lucky enough in my lifetime to have gotten a good amount of letters.  Between my best girl Leann and my first love I have quite a collection.  I will have to post a couple when I get done going through all of them.
Things like this are hard for me- I tend to go through, go back, go through again and go back again.  It's all a long process.  I think I'm done and as I make my way to the next mound of stuff I think - Gee- I still have so much maybe I better go back and re-think somethings I've saved.  Like the little plastic monkey who actually smokes a cigarette- Really a keeper?  Yeah him  He's too cute.

I'm also working on visualizing on what I want our next home to be like and I'd hate to have lots of stuff around, but I'd also hate to have stuff boxed up so it's definitely a work in process.

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

To Build Our Home

Oh we're getting closer!
Fingers crossed they start to dig tomorrow

This is how meetings had been looking at the homestead

We finally decided on a foundation guy

My father filled in the old pond
Yep - that's where a pond once sat!  It's a little freaky to stand there.  

I just love it up on the hill 
The most beautiful thing is that it makes me think of God
He is everywhere, but I feel the beauty of all he created when I'm there.  
I never thought I'd love a place this much. 

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Fall Fashion 2013 Part 1

Well if you haven't noticed that blue and green are gonna be big, you're not paying attention!

Oh the beautiful blues and greens and throw in some yellow and the tiniest hint of pink- YUMMY

Oh Miu inspiring!

De-clutter Aug 19th First Thing Get It Done!

On Monday after my run I went right to it- I found a tub of clothing I hadn't worn in a few years so it was fairly easy.  In doing that I found my next area- winter hats and scarves.  I used to keep a lot around in case Lucas' friends need them or if our niece and nephews come over, but really I'm pretty sure most people send their little ones prepared.

With all this clean-up and a doctor appointment approaching tomorrow I'm feeling the need to get a Breast Cancer Update posted.

Sunday, August 18, 2013

De-clutter Aug 18th....oh it's hard

I have to say this first off I don't know if it's the de-cluttering that is making me eat better or the eating better that is making de-cluttering better, but the two go good together.

Having less stuff hanging around does make it a lot easier to get stuff done around the kitchen.  I've making smoothies and eating more fruits and vegetables.

Making smoothies is so much better when there isn't a mess in the kitchen.  This morning it was a bit crazy with dirty dishes, but I got it done!  Yahoo

It's been a little hard with the de-clutter the last few days, but I'm still going.  I really just search out things at the end of the night if I hadn't de-cluttered.  Just tonight as I was watching a show on TV I just went searching and found this stuff

Old medications and vitamins- Yes I had 20 of those to get rid of!
Now I just have to figure which ones I can flush and which I can not


Thursday, August 15, 2013

Aug 12, 13 and 14.....well

Gee it's really hard to de-clutter when it's so busy at the homestead.  One thing that is happening is that no matter what I'm doing washing my face, looking for something to wear, or putting stuff away in the basement I take every opportunity to get rid of anything I can.  I also have gone back to some spots because there is still items I could get rid of. 

Today the 14th I think I did more tossing then anything....well I got up to 12 items to donate and the rest was stuff that needed to go in the garbage. 

Also today as I was looking for something to wear I came across a pair of shorts that don't fit anymore and then I went back to some of my clothes and found more to donate. 

It's just really hard at times- but I keep pushing on!  Even though it does get down right stressful trying to get everything done

Can we leave de-cluttering a minute to talk about dresses?

JCP has some really cute dresses and this one is SO cute.  If you see it you should try it on as it is very flattering - I think.  :)

I'm wearing this tomorrow to dinner.

This week is also the BCOpen which makes things a little crazy.  Lucas was my father's caddy again this year for the ProAm.  They're 4some actually came in 2nd!!!  Yahoo!

and because nothing is every smooth- this week for Lucas driving has been nutz.  He got a couple of good lessons out of the way- 1. involved a clutch and 1. involved one of these:

No Lucas was not at fault- but it's still not the easy thing to explain things to a Sheriff
We had an extremely nice Sheriff so it made it so nice.
I love Lucas

And so when things are stressful it so nice to look to something calming like these beauties my mom gave me
  Gosh are they beautiful!  Yellow just makes me day.

Well to bed so tomorrow we can do it all again!  Life is Good!

Sunday, August 11, 2013

Aug 11 De-clutter WOW

First off I baked my first cake from scratch!  It's a Crackle Cake
I'm not digging baking so this is probably my last cake.
Good thing Rob's mom is a good baker!
So back to de-clutter
I was gonna pick a day to haul stuff out- but this morning I woke up and mentioned to Rob that I thought about just putting the stuff outside for FREE.  He seemed to think it was a good idea so I hauled everything out front.
10:30 We put the sign out
Here is 11:00 and I already had someone else stop.

Here is 1:30

By 2:30 absolutely everything was gone.
It was quite the day.
My first person was a guy who took a lot of my black dresses for his mom- which didn't seem believable as he was around my age.  I mean his mom wearing some of my slinky low cut dresses sort of seemed weird.  He chatted with me about movies- I had a good amount of those out there.  I did notice when I wasn't looking he was just grabbing stuff and putting it in his truck without even looking at the stuff.  So I went back over there because I was hoping that some of my stuff would go to people who really needed or at least wanted it.
After him I had a group of three in a mini van who took the luggage and filled it as well.  The one guy was going to be going back to Mexico so he needed the luggage and I did get a kick out of him trying on my sunglasses.  They were nice enough.
My plan was to not be out there when people came.  I didn't want people to feel bad about stopping so I thought it better not be out there- BUT then a neighbor came and that all changed.
She came with her daughter and they could actually fit into a lot of my clothes so I was able to help her look through stuff and help her find things she would like that would fit her.  This to me was rewarding.  I mean it was all my stuff out there that people were looking through.  I do still feel like it's my stuff.  When I would see people not even look at the stuff and just load it up I felt bad for my stuff.  I had to tell myself that I made the decision and even if someone was just taking stuff to sell it it's OK.  There are people out there who are struggling and I can't judge someone who it taking my free stuff.  I had to concentrate on all the nice things going on.  I had a book Rob's mom gave me and I read it front to back- which doesn't happen often with me.  Getting rid of this book was a struggle, but I started to think about why I would give it away.  I figured I won't read it again; I mean I already have the story so passing the experience on to someone else was the thing to do.  Well when a young girl picked it up and starting reading the back I was thrilled.  She likes to read and she took the book!

I helped another lady with raw cookbooks and clothing for her nieces. 

I talked with another lady about cancer as she browsed some of my chemo books while her boys waiting in the mini van were reading Rob's old mob books.  It was so funny to see these boys in their Sunday clothes reading mob books.

So it was hard at first, but as it got rolling and I helped and took an active role it went great.  I thought it would be a breeze, but I must have an attachment thing going on.  I'm a work in progress.  Sometimes I just had to laugh when seeing strange men walking around carrying my shoes.

AND then some great things happened to me at the grocery store- almost like someone up there was watching out for me............

In between all of this I had decided that I would attempt to bake a cake I seen on TV.  It was the hardest thing I've ever had to do in my kitchen.  I didn't enjoy it one bit and I think I should just stick to cooking or maybe even just juicing and eating raw....

So the great things that happened all happened at PriceChopper!  I was at PriceChopper twice as baking is such a challenge for me.  I will say the people you meet in the baking aisle are really nice people.  I mean I had people helping me with whipping tips and finding cream of tartar.   The one guy even came and found me to give me the cream of tartar.  Another girl with the coolest red and purple hair helped me with whipping cream tips and tricks.  Everyone was so incredibly helpful and nice.  I had a blast at the self check out with a sales clerk and  guy who couldn't figure out how to ring up his potatoes.  I couldn't figure out what was going on, but it was so nice to hang out with some people in the grocery store.  Maybe there is some truth to when you get rid of stuff you make room for other stuff.  I really had fun.

I did something nice and nice things happened!


Saturday, August 10, 2013

Aug 10 De-cluttering with Dara

As I've said in past posts- I love Dara Dubinet and her Youtube channel.

Here is a link to her discussing extreme sport de-cluttering.  She is the one of the people who inspires me to eat better, keep flowers and now most recently de-clutter.  Dara did 27 things for 27 days!

Everything she says pretty much is right on for me as you'll read:

The unwanted emotions that come out during de-cluttering.

So it's Friday night and I have to say that Friday nights at home are probably my absolute favorite.  We are all home and the weekend is the next day and it's just such a happy time!!!!

We were gonna go away this weekend, but things have changed.  So now I will have more time to kick up my de-cluttering.  After my bedroom I think I will head to our basement to do some major clothing de-clutter as well as try and get Lucas to go through somethings.  I think enough time has passed for him that somethings he thought were so important at 10 won't be at 16.  Oh we'll see he's very sentimental- very sentimental.  I think that some of his attachment to his things comes from the days of going to his dad's house.  I really wish that would have been a better experience than it was.  When I think of the dramatic pick-ups it still hurts my heart.  I hope that one day Lucas can heal from that- I know I'm still healing from it.  Cleaning things up and getting rid of things is helping.

Dara talks about de-cluttering and how it can help with the release of unwanted emotions that may be stuck. And yes doing all this de-cluttering really makes me think of a lot of things.  Like that caterpillar I have hanging on my clothing rack - it brings me such comfort.  It was from a time when I was married the first time and things were not good at all.  I believe I still have that pain in me.  I think I've cried enough, but maybe I haven't.  Last night as I was sitting with Rob a news report came on TV and it was about the 13 year old being beat on the school bus by 3 other boys while the bus driver just kept telling them to stop.  I was so upset and crying that we had to turn it off.  I just couldn't tolerate that boy being beat and no one being there for him.  This has been a fear for me ever since the days of pick-up when Lucas was so upset.  I worried so much for him- I wanted him to feel safe and want to go, but it wasn't the case.  So I have a part of me that will be forever sensitive to a boy being hurt.  I had a family member hurt (little boy) and it made me so angry and again was crying.  In life we live through a pain, but sometimes it takes years for the hurt to come out fully.  I'm now just getting the connection of my sensitivity to boys being hurt.  In my heart I know as long as Lucas is breathing he has some hurt in him over his father and that is probably why I continue to be overly sensitive and cry over boys being hurt.

I have other situations that make certain emotions come out- I'll talk more about those another time.

In this time of de-cluttering and actually eating better I find more time for thoughts.  My de-cluttering isn't just about things it's about my life.  I want to live the life I should and I want to be me.  I don't want to hold things in - I want to be totally truthful and live.  Clutter is a good way to hide from being yourself- I'm starting to really believe that.

Ok- enough of my flaky philosophy!  For the most part I am me- it's just when people hurt or make me mad I tend to be nice instead of being real....and everyone deserves REAL from me.  Oh the things I could learn from my mother who has never been phony a day in her life. 

And would you say a little prayer for Dara as her mom is ill and Dara is spending her last days with her.

Friday, August 9, 2013

Aug 7 and Aug 8 De-clutter is getting a little harder

So yesterday was hard because by the time I got home from work and made two dinners - one for that night and one for the next it was late. 
So this evening I was back at it.  I did magazines and nail stuff.  There was a good amount that just went in the garbage so there isn't much to show.  The above picture is of what I've de-clutter from the beginning of the challenge- 8 days worth.  So 8 days would mean 160 items.  Not all are picture as some stuff should have been in the garbage.
I feel pretty good about my room - it's looking pretty good an it feels less cluttered for sure.  Sometimes I will think of something I didn't go through enough and I will go back to it.
Right now I'm thinking about my perfume- I went through it, but I feel like there's still more to get rid of.  So I will go back to it later I'm sure.
It's a lot of work to de-clutter everyday 20 things, but at the end I know I will be so proud of myself.
And then you come across stuff like this and it makes you smile

This was given to me by my friend Amy after I finished my treatment- It so special!  See if I hadn't de-cluttered I wouldn't be wearing it.
You really do forget what you have when you keep too much stuff.  This necklace means so much more to me than most of my jewelry, but because I kept a lot of junk it was overlooked. 
They say you need to get rid of stuff so better things will come your way.

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Aug 6 De-clutter- not feeling it

Well today was a tough day to de-clutter.  I did do it and it was nice to get rid of some magazines and more jewelry.

I'm realizing that when you aren't feeling de-cluttering you probably shouldn't do it.  What seems to happen to me when I force it is one of two things  - I get rid of something I didn't want or I keep something I really didn't need or really want to keep.  It was funny because when I was getting rid of my magazines I do always browse the cover to see if there is any article I still may want to read or keep.  Well don't you know there was an article on sentimental de-clutter!  This is just what I need to read because in my bedroom as I get closer to being done I'm coming up on some very sentimental items and I'm not too sure how to cope or deal with them.  It will be O.K. I'm sure, but I'm just not ready yet.

It's been busy for me trying to do this de-clutter and my living room looks a wreck.  Also the food co-op arrived and I have a ton of fruits and vegetables I need to get cracking on.  I wish I could de-clutter my fridge.  Refrigerators just aren't big enough for people trying to eat more fruits and veggies- no way no way.  I'm thinking I need to start looking on Craigslist for fridges.

Anyway- I somehow have an over abundance of sweet potatoes.  I'm searching for recipes and found this on

Seven Minute Sweet Potatoes
Add this easy-to-prepare, great tasting recipe to your Healthiest Way of Eating, and you will also be provided with 681% of the Daily Value for health-promoting vitamin A

Prep and Cook Time: 7 minutes

  • 1 lb sweet potatoes, diced (if organic, do not peel)
  • 2 cloves chopped or press garlic
  • Sea salt and pepper to taste
  • 3 TBS extra virgin olive oil
  • 2 TBS ground pumpkin seeds
  • 2 TB fresh chopped rosemary
  • Optional:
  • 1/2 onion slice (cook with the sweet potatoes)
  • 1 tsp ground cinnamon
  • 1/4 tsp ground nutmeg
  • 1/4 tsp ground cloves

I'll see how it goes

Monday, August 5, 2013

Aug 5 De-clutter was slow going, but going!

Well I do have to say this picking a department, theme, section of the house does make it a lot easier.  What doesn't make it easy is have certain things in like 5 different places of around your house.  I had to decided to do hair items, because I was keeping headbands in my bedroom.  I realized that I had a whole other stash of hair items in our linen closet, basement, and bathroom.  Ugh.  The stash in the linen closet was in there because when I found out I was going to lose my hair during chemo I didn't want to even look at my hair stuff.  The stuff in the basement was mostly from my beauty school and salon days.  I didn't get a picture of all the stuff I was able to let go of but this is a glimpse.

I really didn't think I'd still be de-cluttering my bedroom 5 days into the month- Yikes.
It's coming slowly and I really need to haul some stuff out!

I do have to mention this- when I have a chance I do like to bring flowers into our house.  This weekend I bought some really nice ones.  I did notice to that one Weis market had a few flowers cheaper than another.  Weird.

Flowers just put you in a good mood and they really do motivate me.
It's nice to come home to flowers for sure!

There are some really beautiful weeds out there these days that I'd love to pick. 
Free flowers are even better!

Sunday, August 4, 2013

Aug 4 De-cluttering feeling pretty good


So it's Sunday and I'm really starting to believe in this energy flow stuff.  I was actually really excited to wake up and get moving early today.  I got up around 6 something and actually went for a run and ran 5 miles!  I had a good amount of energy and was excited to get starting again with de-cluttering.

I worked at getting all my personal laundry put away as I was going through things to get rid of.  It was so nice to clean off my clothing rack.  Remember?  Check it out

I had a lot of necklaces hanging there and I finally came up with a solution.  I do have a good amount jewelry storage, but it's a little tight so I decided I could stack some things.  I have a lot of shoe boxes and the tops are perfect for storing necklaces and what not.

Here's what I did - pretty simple and quick!

I was so excited to find necklaces I forgot I had......

I can't wait to wear this one.

Weekend de- clutter and house cleaning has been actually pretty nice.  I got a house cleaning playlist going and I was all set.  I'm totally loving island music...........Reggae all the way!  Bob Marley, Shaggy, UB40, Eddy Grant, Musical Youth, and Sister Nancy.  Oh it made me miss my honeymoon.  I lit my Rio Glow candle from Bath and Body Works and it was great!

I'm really thinking that starting with my bedroom to de-clutter was a good idea, because I think it's making my bedroom more refreshing for me.  :),

Here's to a great coming week!  I'm hoping to get all my workouts in and continue to de-clutter! 

Fingers crossed!

Here's my 20 from today

I really hope I don't regret getting rid of anything.  I did pull out 2 items I was going to get rid of.  Not too bad. 

Rob asked me today if I was sure I wanted to get rid of so much stuff.  He kept saying how there was nothing much left on my rack.  Too funny. 

Here's a little Saggy for ya

Saturday, August 3, 2013

Aug 3 De-clutter is getting a little bit overwhelming


This was yesterday's load- sunglasses- REALY- I have that many to get rid of????? yep

Stuff can add up and even though I'm doing 20 things it doesn't seem enough.  I also feel overwhelmed to gather everything I have to remove from the house- there is A LOT OF STUFF!  Yikes.

In doing our bedroom I'm shocked that we actually have kept a broken fan sitting in our room for like a year now!  The closet wasn't too bad actually, but it did have a lot of stuff I could do without.

I also have been letting my jewelry organizers hang on the closet door which I'm sure causes bad energy for Rob.  I mean Rob has his clothes in the closet so he uses the closet more than me.  Cleared it up.

Closet energy flow- much better!!

Don't worry that jewelry did get off the door knob.

I'm glad I'm done for today- but I have to admit I actually would like to keep going.  :)

I'm getting smarter and actually having a box handy.  Today was 15 clothing items and 5 books. 

Oh and look at this little thing I found

I'm keeping her!
oh and these- clip-ons- LOVE THEM- KEEPERS
Now that I look at this picture I see my rack back there needs attention!


Aug 2 De-clutter I was scared I wouldn't make it

Well I had a busy Friday planned with having to go right from work to a friend's house for snacks and cocktails to celebrate a visit with some out of town guests!  Yahoo- it's so nice to just hang out sometimes, especially at my girl Krista's house!  It's just a good vibe there.

SO I didn't know when on earth I was going to get rid of 20 things.  Thought about doing it before I left for work, but ran out of time.  I've been love thinking Feng Shui although I know very little about the whole concept.  So in doing this de-clutter I realize I need to pick a specific area and zone in on that.  I know this sounds like perfect sense, but for someone like me who is easily distracted this is hard.  I could be cleaning out clothes and the next thing is I'm trying a new recipe, with bright red lipstick, and jeweled headband on.
I maybe able to blame this behavior on my clutter causing energy disruption or I should say bad flow!

I decided that it will have to wait till I get home no matter what time it is I have to do it.  I had heard about Feng Shui and closets and it's very interesting that just because your closet has a door on it, it can still let off negative energy from the clutter inside.  It's all about the flow of energy; and the closet shouldn't be all jammed up either causing bad energy flow.  Please excuse my almost child like description of Feng Shui- but I'm just trying to do FENG SHUI spur of the moment off the cuff to get my butt in gear to clean out my closet.

I did read this great article on Feng Shui if you are interested:

I love how it mentions shoes all facing the same that where people keep their shoes in their bedroom closet?  This is so funny to me.  :)

Thursday, August 1, 2013

Aug 1 De-clutter was a blur

 Well my night started with making dinner.  I couldn't wait to finish making dinner so I could make a new recipe- Mango Pudding.  I seen Dara Dubinet make it and I had to try it.  It was so super easy.  All it was was mango and mango....fresh and dried.  I also tried the coconut cream topping.  I really wish I had fresh coconut.
The pudding was really good!
Onto De-cluttering
It's harder than ya think to find stuff....sort of.  It's sort of like "where the hell do I begin"
So some things are easy to get rid of while others are hard.  I'm a big cry baby so there are some things I can actually cry over getting rid of!  What?  Yeah really.
Why cry?  Well I get very attached to things; I always have since I was a little peanut.  Say a fake rose I have which is orange to top it off- I could cry getting rid of it.  I got that flower on a retreat I attended with some other cancer survivors.  I loved spending time with all of them and some are even dead now.  I hate to think of them as gone so I long for the experience to last forever.  When I meet people I really like I never want to think I'll never see them again.  It's just hard for me.  I don't want time to pass and I don't want anyone or anything to go away that I love or enjoy.  But why?  I have no idea.  I do know however that that rose isn't doing anything to keep me in touch with those girls.  I know I will still have those feelings of love and support without that rose.  We had a beautiful ceremony and I picked that rose for myself, but I don't need it when I have all the memories. 
I still haven't resolved how to deal with stuff like this, but I will allow myself to cry while I let some things go.  A good idea is to maybe write some wonderful memories down and take a picture of some special things I choose to pass on to someone else.
I also tore out a couple of diary pages- they were too sad and really needed to go!
So here's a picture of a few items I managed to gathered.  I hadn't gotten to all 20 items when I took this picture.  I also hadn't added the rose yet.

 And here's another thing that happens when I'm going through stuff I find things and think:
Why don't I ever wear this.  I love this headband- I really need to find a time to wear it!!!

Day 1 - not too bad.  It was a blur with trying new recipes, crying, reading diary entries, smelling perfume, and trying on headbands. 

Then Lucas get's home and we discuss  "first of the month" working at KFC and I enjoy listening to him talk about work. 

Wednesday, July 31, 2013

August De-clutter!!!!!

Peter Walsh

Well part of moving is moving stuff!  In an effort to not move things that would be better off moving onto to a place where it can be of better use I decided to de-clutter everyday during the month of August.  I was going to do a 27 Day de-clutter, but I've decided to do the whole month of August; being I don't have too much going on.  Yeah Right.

So how am I going to do this? I'm going to get rid of 20 things a day for 30 days!  This sounds like a lot of stuff, but honestly I have a lot of stuff.  I think most stuff will get donated after I decide if any family or friends could use it first.

I've come to a point where I think I'm ready to let go of a lot of stuff to make room for less clutter.  It's still going to be hard as I save a lot of stuff, but life is too short to move stuff around repeatedly.  And it really isn't nice to keep things just for keeping when someone else could put them to good use.

I don't know how I'm going to incorporate Lucas and his stuff, but I will nudge a little bit just so he too can maybe get into the habit of not cluttering.  I would love for him to feel how good it feels to not have clutter.  I'm pretty sure he is like me and loves to have all his things right there with him in his bedroom, but maybe he can tone it down a bit.

I'm nervous excited writing this, but here is goes.

I will set some rules for my self- if I plan to give something to someone and I don't get it to them by the time I take items to drop off well then it goes.

Everything I save for repair has to be repaired by end of the month or it also goes.

I won't get rid of anything that doesn't belong to me :)

I will take items to drop off once a week.  I already have a back up of stuff that needs to leave my house so adding 20 things a day is a lot of stuff to have just hanging around.

As I read about de-cluttering there are many different blogs and sites about the subject and I found a great challenge that had to do with dressing.  Have you heard of the Project333?  It's pretty cool and I'd love to give it a try after I complete this challenge.  This would be great for working girls!

And along with de-clutter comes bringing less in your home and I found this blog for myself

If you are thinking about de-cluttering you may want to watch this...forward past the woman talking and get right to Peter Walsh!

Let the games begin!