Friday, August 29, 2008

You are not going to believe this. Remember my search for a rehearsal dress well one day mom and I were walking downtown and she said, "let's go to that new dress shop" and I said, "ok" and guess what was in the window???????????? The pink dress- in the window! Of all the dresses on Nordstrom's website there it sat! They only ordered 1 so no one else in town would have it. It FIT and my awesome mom insisted on buying it for me. It was like it was meant to be!

Here is a fitness update! I struggle constantly and this morning I read An excited bride blog and was so impressed with her progress I figured I should do an update on myself. I was unable to do ediets and even exercise because of moving and getting ready for the wedding.
BUT I did find 3 workouts that say you can see change in 4 weeks. I just completed my1st week and I actually feel good and have noticed some change.

I do each DVD 3x during the week. I must say the workouts are hard, but doable. I do dread it sometimes but think of it as my punishment.
Here are the videos:
Bikini Ready Fast (45min)
Firm Flat Abs (45min)
Your Best Butt Fast (45min)
Notice they all say FAST! They are all by SELF -which is a great on-line exercise and fitness source.

I've purchased a couple other items for the wedding:

Shoes from (free overnight shipping free return too) also to return shoes you can print the return label right off your pc. I needed 2 pair- 1 fit 1 didn't not.

Here's the pair I will be wearing with my reception dress if all goes well with the dress.

Isn't it cute- it even has rhinestones down the heel!

I purchased Letters that I had seen again on An Excited Bride Blog! I went and purchased our initials for the doors of our reception. I ordered those through Paper Source On-line and those people were so awesome. I had a shipping problem and they were awesome.

Order Lip Balm for the ladies room and Mint Tins for the bar from

Martini Luge from:

Honeymoon is booked for Sandals Royal Caribbean - make sure if you call them to mention it is your honeymoon b/c then will for sure have champagne when you arrive and breakfast in bed for you your 1st morning.

Projects in the making- BIG PomPoms for the reception over the head table.

Friday, August 22, 2008

Halloween Rehearsal Dinner


Well our rehearsal dinner is Halloween night and we checked out a site with Rob's parents. The restaurant is authentic french fare. Yum. It was good. The owner happened to be there and he was a Frenchman from NYC.

We'll see about the final decision- I really like the building- historic!

Here is an old picture of the Kilmer

Some renovations- wish I had a better picture or the restaurant!

Well still no luck with a dress for dinner on Halloween.

I found these on Nordstom's website under cocktail dresses

Here's what I like:

This dress is awesome FRONT and BACK- but in the $300 price range- Do I stalk it?

Tadashi 358.00

This dress is great looking and more innocent than the black- Pink is Pretty!

Adrianna Papell $158.00

The more I think about this pink dress; it looks happy to be getting may just be too uptight. Oh did I mention both dress are stretch satin..............that sounds like a plus!

Tonight I'm off to the craft store with mom for some tulle to make our own pew bows.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Today was a busy wedding day!!!!!!!!!!

Rehearsal and Ceremony business-
Tonight we are checking out a restaurant for our rehearsal which is on Halloween! Halloween is my favorite. I dress up every year but not this one. I'm excited for the rehearsal dinner which Rob's parents are doing for us. I was hoping to have it in a room so that if I am able I would do a little slide show. We'll have to see what we end up with.
I'm very unsure about a Martini Luge:

They do look like a ton of fun- but I'm unsure how this actually works- Who pours the liquor? Is there a whole Luge worker involved? I'm so set on getting this - I may even go lighter on my favors.

Dress fitting today!
Well the dress is now too big and should have been ordered smaller b/c of the neckline I may loose some of the charm of my dress :(

I should have been more forceful on having my input when ordering the dress but I was so upset that I was overweight that I let them tell me to go a size bigger.

My wonderful seamstress is also looking into taking my mom's wedding dress apart and creating me a reception dress. I'm wondering if maybe I'm too busty for the the dress I picked- being that it is an empire style. WHY do we always like things that we can't wear or have?????? She is going to let me know what she can do.

Moving - I'm also in the process of moving! We have been living at Rob's this week. Interesting. Living out of tubs and boxes SUCKS. BUT we love each other so that makes it all better. It's hard leaving my house, but I find that if I concentrate on making Rob's house OUR house I feel better. Today at the seamstress she was selling house plants and I couldn't resist an Italian plant that had beautiful pink flowers! I'm super excited to take it home to our new house.

I'm moving from a four bedroom with a finished basement to a 3 bedroom ranch so organizing and apartment living advice is so important.

I'm going to be spending a lot of time in the kitchen so I'm hoping to get some re-decorating done in there- Check this pic out:

I'm loving all the white they are showing now!

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Well I decided to take an inventory of everything purchased so far to see what it's looking like.........I guess there's a theme? Not sure?

This is my necklace- the jewel part is the back from the front you will only see the pearls- well until I turn around.
Necklace found on Etsy: Debbsdesigns's Shop Ok Boutonnières-
This one is for my Ring Bearer Two of these will be needed for the other 2 darling boys
Found these on Etsy: EasterYu's Shop

This is our cake - minus the Initial

Cake will be made by Kristi's Kakes This will be our cake topper- Lilly and Purcell

Found and stalked Ann Wood on Etsy Yummy- Cherry Vanilla

Found: Bath and Body Works
Fresh water pearls

Found and sent out Rob and Mom to all nearest TJ Maxx!

Our Save the Date Card by Bella by karah

I love the brown and the green but I'm not sure about the Ivory and Green together?

I still have so much to do and so little time.

The dieting is going so bad-NOW I'm onto NO CARBS- This really stinks- but it should help.

I'm still working out my ideas for DIY projects and I have plenty of helpful/creative people around!
I would like to do tissue paper pew bows
I would like a DIY card box for the reception
I would like to do my own escort, and menu cards
I would aslo like to do the flower intials for the entrance into the reception
With so many projects I think I have to assign 1 nite a week for just wedding projects.

Monday, August 4, 2008

How sweet.

This is mom and dad on their wedding day. Well my mom uncovered her dress and well it's small; she was probably 80lbs or so. I had wanted to change into a different dress for my reception. I love the idea of not having to wear my big dress all night. I wanted something short and this dress would be perfect a couple dozen sizes bigger! I have look for a pattern now and was hoping a dress maker can take my mom's dress apart and use some of it on my reception dress. Well I'm running out of time and I'm sad to take the dress apart......but shouldn't the dress live on.........I mean I thought of just using the bottom and the top could be a dress for a little girl?

Here's the dress I would like to wear to my reception:

I can't even comment on my ediets..............I'm so busy I don't have time to prepare food! I'm still trying though.