Friday, August 29, 2008

You are not going to believe this. Remember my search for a rehearsal dress well one day mom and I were walking downtown and she said, "let's go to that new dress shop" and I said, "ok" and guess what was in the window???????????? The pink dress- in the window! Of all the dresses on Nordstrom's website there it sat! They only ordered 1 so no one else in town would have it. It FIT and my awesome mom insisted on buying it for me. It was like it was meant to be!

Here is a fitness update! I struggle constantly and this morning I read An excited bride blog and was so impressed with her progress I figured I should do an update on myself. I was unable to do ediets and even exercise because of moving and getting ready for the wedding.
BUT I did find 3 workouts that say you can see change in 4 weeks. I just completed my1st week and I actually feel good and have noticed some change.

I do each DVD 3x during the week. I must say the workouts are hard, but doable. I do dread it sometimes but think of it as my punishment.
Here are the videos:
Bikini Ready Fast (45min)
Firm Flat Abs (45min)
Your Best Butt Fast (45min)
Notice they all say FAST! They are all by SELF -which is a great on-line exercise and fitness source.

I've purchased a couple other items for the wedding:

Shoes from (free overnight shipping free return too) also to return shoes you can print the return label right off your pc. I needed 2 pair- 1 fit 1 didn't not.

Here's the pair I will be wearing with my reception dress if all goes well with the dress.

Isn't it cute- it even has rhinestones down the heel!

I purchased Letters that I had seen again on An Excited Bride Blog! I went and purchased our initials for the doors of our reception. I ordered those through Paper Source On-line and those people were so awesome. I had a shipping problem and they were awesome.

Order Lip Balm for the ladies room and Mint Tins for the bar from

Martini Luge from:

Honeymoon is booked for Sandals Royal Caribbean - make sure if you call them to mention it is your honeymoon b/c then will for sure have champagne when you arrive and breakfast in bed for you your 1st morning.

Projects in the making- BIG PomPoms for the reception over the head table.

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