Friday, August 31, 2012

Well it's Thursday night and I'm not feeling the Friday weigh-in.....hmm.  I wonder if I'll do it.  Vacation was VERY fun and I did anything I wanted.  I'm lucky that I did want to run a couple of times- actually ran 3 times.  So we'll see.

I had so much fun on vacation and I was fairly happy with myself.  I tried different suits on before I left and I wasn't really sure what I would end up wearing.  I had purchased a new tankini top because my suit from Land's End was a bit too big. 

It's hard at times - I'm a bit self conscious about my foob looking so different.

I love my bright blue Kenneth Cole suit I got at BonTon!!  To me my boobs look so uneven.  Still I love the suit and I knew I would be wearing it.  I however find an older bikini top I had and it was neat because it had adjusters on the straps much like a bra.  SO I could tighten up the side of my real boob (where I need some lift).   

I would have to say if you have one real and one fake this bikini top is ideal, because one side will need more lift then the other.  :)

But if I'm really foob conscious- I could just do a sweater with bikini bottom

This would solve all the foob drama

The only problem with this is that you can't tan your belly???

So what did I end up doing on vaca?
I did wear by blue suit, but a shop I love at the shore was going out of business and I ended up finding another bikini top with adjustable traps!!!!  So I had to get it and a bottom too!
This was especially good because the top I did have broke- trying to hold up lefty!

So on the days when I felt not so chubby I wore this
 So I woke up late and didn't get into the gym to weigh-in- BUT I felt so guilty I weighed myself at home.
OK- WHAT'S the damage?
I'm up 2 pounds!  What did I do wrong????  Too many indulgences!  I should have packed more of my own snacks- especially sweets- so while the boys were eating from CANDY KITCHEN I could have been having some raisens or something.  Oh well- I don't care I had SO much fun!

Prepping is seeming to always be key!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Thankful Thursday

I recently found some old emails leading up to my biopsy.  I have some amazing friends who really are perfect.  When I couldn't talk about it- they understood, when they didn't know what to say they said just that and let me know they would be there to do whatever.  They prayed for me and treated me with love.  I'm so lucky through out my life I have met some amazing people.  I love people so very much and when they love me back I'm in heaven.

I hope they always know I love them.  I would love to sit down and write my most favorite thing I love about each and everyone of them!  The only reason I haven't was for fear of forgetting someone!

I honestly don't know how I made it through those first couple of weeks- I honestly think it was because of all the great people in my life.  Could I ever repay them?  I hope so.  I often feel their love at random times and I hope they know that still today I remember what everyone did for me and it still makes me cry to think of it.  I had one friend call me the night before my mastectomy and towards the end of the conversation she quickly told me she loves me. I've never heard her say that word only concerning her children- it wasn't easy for her and I haven't heard it since- but hearing it that once was enough for a lifetime.  My cancer sucked- BUT I got to experience so much love!

I am grateful for everyone in my life.  Love is sometimes just all I need~ it's enough~

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Cheap Trick Tuesday

Well I'm still in love with Kmart!!! 

I was so excited to be sitting on the beach when a guy walked up with a stack of magazines asking mom and I if we wanted any before they toss them- WELL yes we did!!   One was Oprah
and I loved seeing an article mentioning a tweed suit from Kmart!!

The mix and match is pretty nice!

Tweed is gonna be hot...............received this in my inbox

This was also a great cheap trick idea in the mag- Take your necklaces and brooches out and mix it up for a whole new necklace...

I recently did this myself- I had a Forever21 heart necklace and I added a beaded necklace I purchased off a couple of adorable nuns at our church bazaar!  The colors looked pretty yummy together.   

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Friday's lost post.....

Holding at 119.2 :)

Your dad who you know is in a lot of pain still enjoying a day of golf~ Seniors ROCK!

Stylish workout clothing~ for those foggy mornings~ Lululemon top!!
Cuz my lips get DRY from breathing like a crazy woman while running~ Burts Bees always at the door for on my way out!
I wish I had a better post, but it's been nutz.  We leave for the shore and I have tons of work to do and I just started taking an online class.  Maybe on vacation I'll have more time.  :)

Gotta run! or at least lightly jog :)

Friday, August 10, 2012


Well on this Friday weigh-in I'm trying on a skirt I wore for my bridal shower!
I loved this skirt and still do~ it's a keeper forever.

Now I know I'm heavier than I was there, but I'm a bit leaner in my stomach area so that explains why this skirt fits!  It's from Express size 0.  I tend to think my stomach issues are WAY better due to no more soda in my life.  Also I let my stomach digest longer between bedtime and the next day OH and WATER too.

So it fits, but the scale is moving SO slow.
Trying things on you- realize that working out as opposed to just not eating is a different type of lean that doesn't involve scale numbers as much as other things like strength.

That brings me to my legs.  One of the scarier parts of having cancer treatment is what it did to my legs.  I had all sorts of issues, but the worse to me was the strength.  My legs are one of the last things to gain weight, but because of all the weight I gained they got fat.  I could actually see rippling and such.  BUT that isn't as bad as the feeling of having no strength.  Not being able to bend to the floor to pick something up and get up with out assistance is scary to me.   I can remember being at the mall and having bent down and realizing I couldn't get up.  I hated that.  So the scale drives me a bit nutz - BUT I'm thanking God for my legs and their ability to gain muscle and take me to the floor and back!!!  I'm so happy to have healthy legs!

I'm pretty happy with this weight loss and I think Fitness Pal has been helping a lot.  I can track food and exercise and it's a motivator!  I only have two friends on there, but I love reading other people's diaries.  It's neat.  If you are wondering what I'm eating- CUZ I eat a lot -you can view my diary.  I get some good food ideas reading other people's stuff.

No I have to post about my foob....Sometimes I wanna wear a shirt and not wear a bra~ and I found a cute top good for any of us girls out there dealing with some uneven stuff.  :)

I'm finding a cute little shirt with a patten and a ruffle on top is ideal for disquising foob business.


Friday, August 3, 2012

New Dress

$16 Dress- I had to have- and so I have a new dress to try and fit into...

 So much for being out of medium dresses- this dress is a medium and TOO tight!!!
Gee you could even see my belly button!

and NO it isn't backless- it's just that small on my

I just loved the light pink color and the lace- so sweet!!
I'm really into pink and gold lately so I'd love to wear this dress with chunky gold earring or necklace!
I know I should have throw my insert in, but I tend to not wear it more than wear it.  I defineately wear it when I'm gonna be out and about- but lately I even skip it then.  :)

I updated my motivation picture~

and I'm holding at 119.6....ugh 119 stinks because it easliy goes to 120plus~