Friday, August 3, 2012

New Dress

$16 Dress- I had to have- and so I have a new dress to try and fit into...

 So much for being out of medium dresses- this dress is a medium and TOO tight!!!
Gee you could even see my belly button!

and NO it isn't backless- it's just that small on my

I just loved the light pink color and the lace- so sweet!!
I'm really into pink and gold lately so I'd love to wear this dress with chunky gold earring or necklace!
I know I should have throw my insert in, but I tend to not wear it more than wear it.  I defineately wear it when I'm gonna be out and about- but lately I even skip it then.  :)

I updated my motivation picture~

and I'm holding at 119.6....ugh 119 stinks because it easliy goes to 120plus~

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