Friday, August 28, 2009

Day 5 Giveaway

How sweet it's been........last item!

Paris Necklace from Nest Pretty Things
I love Tamar's Etsy Shop- check out her packaging>

Aw........the shore has been so nice!

But I miss my husband (I'm sure) and what more ROMANTIC than Paris? I hid packages (1 a day for everyday I'm gone) I used to do that when we were dating....but as time went on.........hadn't done it in a while. I hope he enjoyed them.

Bless the SHORE


Thursday, August 27, 2009

Day 4 Giveaway

Today when you are cooking your VEGGIES you could be wearing something this cute!
Apron from
Check out here other aprons! Great gift idea and so COOL ;p
Leave a comment or
to enter
deadline Sept. 2

The VEGGIE of choice on the BOARDWALK-

I'm probably bloated today from last nights fries! LOL
Where's that top I packed just for times like this...........

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Day 3 Giveaway

Today would be Veggie Wedgie- but I have been slacking anyways so here it is the magnetic grocery list and book to write down VEGGIE and VEGGIE Recipes- there may even be a surprise recipe inside!
(water balloon not
Along with the notebook and mag. list
Is a grocery tote for your trip to FARMER'S MARKET!
Bag from:
I like her!

To enter- leave a comment or email you have till Sept. 2 :)

Tonight I'll enjoy sand art on the BOARDWALK

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Day 2 Giveaway

Before my wedding I searched for the perfect perfume and ended up loving Daisy so I gave each girl a sample.......turns out that for some reason the smell of it reminds me of my wedding! I didn't wear it on my wedding day but I still love it. I also love buying sample size perfumes because I so many times never use up a whole bottle- DUE to the fact I love wearing different perfumes at different times.

So here it is your own sample size of Daisy with a sample of the body lotion and bath gel. It comes in a little gold Daisy bag!

So if you want to win this lovely little thing you can leave a comment or email You have till Sept. 2

I'm hoping to fly a kite tomorrow- I have E.S.P.

We love the KiteShop in OC!

Monday, August 24, 2009

Day 1 Giveaway

So here it is 1st item: Photo Mobile purchased at Urban Outfitters.

This would be cute in an office, living room or even in a hip black and white baby room!

So don't forget email at dpodrazil@gmail or leave a comment to enter.
You have until Wednesday Sept. 2
Good luck my friend!

It's my Monday at the shore and I'm sure I'm burnt to a crisp!

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Big waves

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Saturday, August 22, 2009

Made it

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Friday, August 21, 2009


I'm set!

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NOTE: just tried sending a pic from my phone- I'm so behind the times- you should see my phone-SO this was huge for me. I may while away try and send on a pic. How about the little message that comes with the picture...THIS MESSAGE WAS SENT............?

Oh well- I did my giveaway posts so they'll just show up while I'm laying on the beach!

I will miss you guys!

I ended up packing 3 suits- full, 2pc pretty full, and full on bikini- Oh brother!

LOvE & BYe


Thursday, August 20, 2009

Little Black Dress

This is why a little black dress is IMPORTANT and so are ACCESSORIES
1 dress 30 days- cool
You can purchase the same dress used for the experiment it's $150- what an investment. I really want this dress.

OK -I'm off for vacation- I'm going to pre-post a
give-a-way everyday- Monday to Friday (8/24-8/28)!
The final drawing will be Wednesday 9/2/2009!
You can enter up until that date.
To enter:
You can either leave a comment
or email me at:

A quick note on my Instead situation- I LOVE IT. I finally have figured a way to remove it! This thing may be one of the best things for me and all women. LOL

Try it
It's so cool to go to work and not have to run to the bathroom with a bullet (tampon). I hate tampons and the only ones I like to use are O.B. which remind me of bullets. With Instead there is no string hanging out, no accidents and a night of not getting up!!! Another thing- I hate the smell of tampons new or not new- they are so gross to me. I don't like to discuss it but I think most of us hate tampons.

I was a little freaked to take it out and the 1st time I yanked it out and it wasn't pretty, but now I know to keep it squeezed while taking it out.
Go here to learn more about it:

Last night i packed and almost forgot my most important out-fit!

I did pack a work-out outfit-

I had this adorable suitcase that fit all my accessories! I used Lucas' old pencil box for most bracelets.....he's onto pen pouches and girls :(


Wednesday, August 19, 2009



Everyone wants a better butt- right?


I ended up being so busy over the weekend that I haven't gotten to work out, but working at my church bazaar was a WORK-OUT.

I did notice the back part of my upper legs (right under my butt) was sore. I think it was bending over to load water bottles and cans! When I seen the above BUTT WORKOUT it made sense.
Here's a little video clip with BUTT MOVES

I was so thankful I had been working out before the church bazaar got here because it was work. I knew I needed strength to work the whole weekend and the workouts did pay off. Last week I just started adding a night time work out: Yoga Booty Ballet and WOW am I behind on any sort of PLANK moves! Again I had to just do my best.

Now I have to say again- working out at 1st just blows it's hard and it's draining but YOU have to push through because at one point you will feel bad if you DON'T workout!

I hate doing my yoga booty - HATE IT- but there was a time when I LOVED IT and it felt good. I have to keep remembering this!

I'm so happy my girl friend AMY ran a mile today- I'm so happy. I hope she's as miserable as

Another thing to keep in mind- YOU Have to GET ENOUGH SLEEP!

And thinking about sleep I'm super excited because it's my 1st period that I'm using INSTEAD! So far I'm liking it, but stay tuned for a full review. I'm hoping to sleep the whole night with out having to get up a couple times due to my "FRIEND".

12 hours and no problems- really?- how nice that would be!

Sleep like a queen tonight

Bedroom - JCPENNY

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Vaca and BacktoSchool COOL

So I'm packing for vaca and here is the suit:
Suit from modcloth

1. Won't have to worry about sucking it in all the time
2. My boobs won't look too big........i'm having boob issues....they're not always the fun packs guys think they are- lol
OK- I know........ but I'll look super smart reading with these on!

Well I did some school supply surprises for LUCAS!

Pegmighties for his locker I got one of these in red because LAST YEARS questions of the YEAR- "Lucas do you have your house key?" and runner up "Mom have you seen my ipod?"
Door Organizers

I thought these were cute- Japanese talking watch- I bought him a grey one..............

LOVE this- make your own tee with cool iron-ons!
I found all these cool items at FRED FLARE! I love this place!

I have a lot to do before vacations and I've decided while away I won't be able to blog so instead I will schedule blogs for everyday next week and there will be a

Friday, August 14, 2009

Over at Self there are tips on achieving these beautiful eyes:

Speaking of DOVE.......I'm really enjoying the sounds of the birds!

One day they will not be around and all will be quiet.

Maybe if I hung this mod BIRD HOUSE they'd stick around!

I seen this and thought it was adorable for a girl room

How about rummaging through MY STUFF and trowing something like this on???? Cute and simple

I need a new pair of Khakis

Woman's Day Sept 1 has great BACK TO SCHOOL INFO


website tips: let's you know of price cuts on certain items (haven't tied yet) grocery coupons in your area (used before- but takes an organized shopper- myBAD) :) get coupon codes for online purchases (used before) :)

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Back to School Already?

Well we started our shopping and room cleaning! I had to take a picture of Luke's closet because it hasn't looked like this in a longggggggggggggg time.I wonder how long this will last?
I hate that school is starting up soon.
Lucas enjoyed his school supply shopping
. I hope that excitement carries him till the end of the school year.

When I was young I loved the smell of gum erasers............even now I'll smell one to go back in time. LOL Lucas is actually freaking out about his planner not having enough space to schedule out his days!!!! Gee when I went to school I knew 2 things: lunch time and 3:00- what's up with scheduling at 12? Kids are so grown up.

It's been so busy around here- it's 10:12pm and I am determined to do my workout! YUK
I will head to bed 11:30 Double YUK!

Church bazaar
this weekend so I will be busy and need to keep up my energy. All I can think about is getting a piece of LOVE cake at the bazaar- IT's so GOOD!

Well "Let's get physical......physical I wanna get physical let's get into physical...let me hear your body talk your body talk"

Monday, August 10, 2009

Working Out- I feel Strange

Well working out hasn't gotten any easier and there are no results to be happy about. It's the hardest to workout when you see no improvement. I almost feel like I'm going a little batty. I'm starting to have strange thoughts:

Like why do people spend so much time just to stay in shape?

Maybe the fit people are the weak ones, so concerned about what they look like. Like that's all that matters in life.

Maybe the full figure people are the strong ones; able to walk about with bulges and all because they don't care what others think. They are better parents and workers for it.
It's funny how I can probably rationalize working out or not. We are so used to fast everything so it's no surprise why I have no patience. I think I should see results NOW!

Well Saturday morning I couldn't do my workout. I felt sick. Maybe I was just FED UP? So I made healthy snacks for our trip to Ithaca instead.

Pita chips are real good with some seasoning and baked at 350- till browned and crispy.
There are days I hate working out but I finish- WHY? Well I think about The Biggest Loser or Ruby; I've seen these people just push through. They are so strong and determined- puts me to shame. I could cry when I see them working so hard. It's so inspiring!
What it comes down to for me- I like to feel good. I am also realizing that food is very important when working out. If there is a time you can't work out; you should at least eat right! It doesn't matter what size you are as long as you feel good and are able to be happy and enjoy life.

So what to do when I'm going crazy- It's probably a good idea to watch a movie like Cast Away! I love this movie. I know my mind is just playing tricks on me and I can make it through.
I cry every time I watch it and he loses the ball! So here is where I thought we would be hiking- see the people?Ok... See how Small the people look?
yep we on the northern rim-
WAY UP TOP.At times it was like Stair way TO HEAVEN.......or hell

Poor mom wore a dress and sandals for what she thought was a picnic and walk along the falls.............well 3 miles later we didn't even care to look at THE FALLS- we were wiped out.

I like spending time in Ithaca because it's just so nice to look at!

The walls in the fitting room at EVOLUTION remind me of my bedroom growing up. I always had my closet wall plastered with fashion magazine pictures.
Who wouldn't stop in this TOY STORE?
Window shopping in Ithaca can be very entertaining- I love this display
I didn't feel real good this day and I think I look so fat in this picture, but I am happy that I spent the day with Lucas and my mom. OH and glad I hiked that 3 mile nightmare.
A gift from
Powerhouse MOVE