Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Day 2 Giveaway

Before my wedding I searched for the perfect perfume and ended up loving Daisy so I gave each girl a sample.......turns out that for some reason the smell of it reminds me of my wedding! I didn't wear it on my wedding day but I still love it. I also love buying sample size perfumes because I so many times never use up a whole bottle- DUE to the fact I love wearing different perfumes at different times.

So here it is your own sample size of Daisy with a sample of the body lotion and bath gel. It comes in a little gold Daisy bag!

So if you want to win this lovely little thing you can leave a comment or email dpodrazil@gmail.com You have till Sept. 2

I'm hoping to fly a kite tomorrow- I have E.S.P.

We love the KiteShop in OC!


Deanna G. said...

I've been wanting to try this perfume! :)

Sista B said...

I love that scent. I carry my sample from the wedding in my makeup bag. I wore it when I went out of town for work and loved it. Add it to my Christmas list!

Hope you're having a great time!