Thursday, August 13, 2009

Back to School Already?

Well we started our shopping and room cleaning! I had to take a picture of Luke's closet because it hasn't looked like this in a longggggggggggggg time.I wonder how long this will last?
I hate that school is starting up soon.
Lucas enjoyed his school supply shopping
. I hope that excitement carries him till the end of the school year.

When I was young I loved the smell of gum erasers............even now I'll smell one to go back in time. LOL Lucas is actually freaking out about his planner not having enough space to schedule out his days!!!! Gee when I went to school I knew 2 things: lunch time and 3:00- what's up with scheduling at 12? Kids are so grown up.

It's been so busy around here- it's 10:12pm and I am determined to do my workout! YUK
I will head to bed 11:30 Double YUK!

Church bazaar
this weekend so I will be busy and need to keep up my energy. All I can think about is getting a piece of LOVE cake at the bazaar- IT's so GOOD!

Well "Let's get physical......physical I wanna get physical let's get into physical...let me hear your body talk your body talk"

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