Friday, May 31, 2013

To Build A Home

It takes a lot of patience to build a home and a lot of different people and personalities......
The one night I thought it would be a nice idea to go up to our land and watch the sunset.  It was really nice........It will be REALLY nice when we can watch the sunset with a roof over our head  ;)

So sorry for the bad video......I'm so bad at it I know!

It can't come soon enough for us.....I may just set up a table and chairs for some dinner one night!

Friday, May 24, 2013

To Build A Home

Well I've been looking at a lot of pictures for house ideas- I save stuff even if it has the tiniest of ideas.
I've made little notes of the reason why I kept a picture.

I know Rob and I will be sharing an office- if there's room for me so I do check out some home office ideas.
Here I like the shelves
I like the desk

OK this can never happen- but isn't it so FRESH- too girly I know.

Kitchen Ideas
European cabinets

Hood/Our Island will have burners

I originally wanted a tiered island, but now I don't know if I like that idea.
I don't know how to explain it, but something about it doesn't jive for me.
Still thinking about that.

wallpaper wall 

Adding in wood and check out floor color - 

Cabinets handles & Sink

Hood....this maybe an example of too much white
Color combo and lights

White and dark- window treatment?

I just love this picture......The wall is so cool to me

and then there's things I don't want to see in my kitchen
1st off- which was a really hard decision:
I will not have one in our new kitchen- I will have one, but it will not be in our kitchen.
Some may think I'm crazy and I may be, but I'm committed to not use one unless I'm really desperate.

Here's something else I don't want to see- appliances on the counter with cords.....I know I'm being a bit bratty - but I'm gonna try really hard to make this NOT happen.  :)
I need very creative beverage station ideas!
Beverage appliances we have our 
Coffee maker/Keurig
and hopefully a

SO anyways- my brother and his wife are moving into their new home and I can't help but see things I think they could use.

My sister-in-law allowed my mom and myself to help with Nat's rooms so I'm working on a chalk board project right now so I'm been looking at a lot of chalk board ideas.

I'm really into plants lately as summer is on it's way!
I love the plants in this picture and their pots.
This plant/tree is amazing to me
I also like the table

I have an old chair I've been wanting to do- well the other morning I seen it out front for the garbage.  I have to say I a little upset.  I have seen this chair and had high hopes I could do something similar to mine.  Not so sure that can happen now.  We'll see.