Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Bridal shower! Loved it! Loved my skirt...
This is my outfit before I left my place: This picture is so funny b/c I took it of myself! It looks so funny to me- Especially b/c Sara (mannequin head) is on the kitchen table. Sara was my mannequin in beauty school and then she became a Halloween decoration and now she's in the house wearing my headpiece!

Sara and I have been through a lot of good times!

What a poser....Freakish

Aren't they cute: Bridesmaid Jen, Becky (future sis), MOD Amber, Bridesmaid Krista!

My bridal shower was wonderful. All of my bridesmaids were there but 1 and I felt so loved. My favorite presents: Blessed Mother, Spider bowl, Candy dish, panties, rectangle serving name a few.
My mom bought me so many nice undergarments!!!!!!!!!!!

The food was delicious and my future sister-in-law hosted the party at her home. My future mother in-law made these adorable little cakes with fondant icing- wow. Oh and the favors - green glass ornaments. Green is really coming alive!
We played games, ate and hugged...........ahh

That night we went to dinner and out on the town and the next day I was out of sight in bed!

My hair has been cut, highlighted, curled, pinned and all that stuff. So far I love it all! Here's the style I really liked:
I know I'm crazy but I hate the bottom half of my face!!


Fell in Love
I loved this purse so much I decide to go ahead and dye my shoes FERN green. I hope they turn out.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

They are on their way!! I'm super excited!

It's getting real busy right now and my shower is Saturday. I picked up my skirt and had another fitting with my mom's dress. It's looking pretty good and so glad I'm managing to keep my weight down.

The craft jobs are going slow. I did manage to make a barrett for the reception just in case I need something to hold my hair back.

Tomorrow is my hair appointment for hi-lights. Hope it goes well.
Still confused about my hair for the wedding but here's some ideas

I like these hi-lights

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Well we all survived the bachelor party!!!Here's Rob leaving for Part II of his day!

The weekend should have been pretty relaxed for me but things change. It all started with Lucas having a hair appointment Friday night at 5:30. He wanted a fauxhawk, but was not happy when it looked nothing like the picture of Beckham! As women we all learn that it never looks like the picture, and being a hairdresser I tried to explain but he cried! SO being that I do own scissors and on occasion still do a haircut- I was up next. Thing is we had company arriving and we had to wait until morning. To make a long story short- I gave Lucas a haircut Saturday and it's a mohawk/fauxhawk. This mean he can wear it down or up (like a mohawk) no I wasn't too happy with the mohawk thing, but I weak!!!!!!!!! Also I didn't feel too bad when I seen Posh's boys are sporting fauxhawks-LOL

Now I just have to remember that I need to always cut Lucas' hair when it is dry- he has so much poker straight blonde hair- it's the only way to understand how it's going to lay.

Although I did not 1 craft- well Sunday I made a couple of PomPoms

I did buy some wedding stuff:

Things change as time goes and well my original necklace will not work so I found this one that will match my veil! I do love these earrings I found and they are clips. That's great for 2 reasons- 1. the holes in my ears are huge and 2. my grandmother never had her ears pierced and when I was young I wore her earring a lot- they will remind me of her.

When I was shopping my dear Lucas was buying a pair of gel heals and I thought.....what a great idea for my too big wedding shoes. I bought a pair of these and I hope they work. Also picked up my MAC liner and lipstick!

Last but not least I took a peak into Victoria's Secret and found this cutie for $28 so I grabbed a matching pair of panties and thighs!

I really had no idea to buy something like this but when I was shopping I came across the dress that jolted me into losing some weight.....there it sat now on the sales rack it no doubt hurt 1 too many of us. I wasn't going to but I did; I picked it up and walked it back to the fitting room. IT fit! Well I was happy- and even happier to put it back. That dress really hurt me! I finally had closure.

This brings me to my weigh-in up date. I can not lie- I struggled the whole time. I got so made at the scale I dreamed of taking it outside and smashing it. I mean it's a beautiful scale- it was gift from Rob's mom. I was just so out of my mind. There is never enough time to exercise now so I resorted to NO CARBS!!! I am now down to 110. I will gladly settle for loosing 8-9lbs over the original 10lb goal. I don't believe I can live without carbs but I will say I do feel better. I will have to learn to deal with good carbs. I would recommend no carbs to anyone looking to make a change.

Thursday, October 2, 2008

What's going on now............... Invitations went out- I had a major brain lapse and almost sent them with out postage on the rvsps!!!!! I was so disappointed in myself!
I love my invitations:
done by Karah of Bella by Karah

I was so excited about the new stamp Bette Davis- this stamp is so pretty
Now I'm working on programs- this is scary because I have problems with stuff like this but - Thank GOD my future sister-in-law is great at stuff like this. So I have figured that I can do these in Microsoft Word and have her check them. I'm shooting for them to resemble Martha's:
the template is on Martha weddings

I love the cord idea

Here's a real rough mock-up of the program- here it's pictured next to my invitation- it doesn't look so hot

I found my stamps at AC Moore
My maid of honor will be stamping all my programs

I really like this stamp too- maybe for the bottom back cover of the program?

My favors are being wrapped by my future mother-in-law! I'm lucky huh?
I bought the (roll) wrapping paper for this on-line at Papersource.
The ribbon will be all different greens and browns. Ribbon is best bought on ebay.