Thursday, October 2, 2008

What's going on now............... Invitations went out- I had a major brain lapse and almost sent them with out postage on the rvsps!!!!! I was so disappointed in myself!
I love my invitations:
done by Karah of Bella by Karah

I was so excited about the new stamp Bette Davis- this stamp is so pretty
Now I'm working on programs- this is scary because I have problems with stuff like this but - Thank GOD my future sister-in-law is great at stuff like this. So I have figured that I can do these in Microsoft Word and have her check them. I'm shooting for them to resemble Martha's:
the template is on Martha weddings

I love the cord idea

Here's a real rough mock-up of the program- here it's pictured next to my invitation- it doesn't look so hot

I found my stamps at AC Moore
My maid of honor will be stamping all my programs

I really like this stamp too- maybe for the bottom back cover of the program?

My favors are being wrapped by my future mother-in-law! I'm lucky huh?
I bought the (roll) wrapping paper for this on-line at Papersource.
The ribbon will be all different greens and browns. Ribbon is best bought on ebay.

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