Thursday, September 25, 2008

Mom's wedding dress is going to be a possibility for my reception!
I couldn't believe when I went for my fitting and my mom's dress was all apart. My wonderful seamstress put in panels and now I can wear the top of my mom's wedding dress. I didn't think it would be an emotional thing but it was. I never imagined I would wear my mom's wedding dress and now I was. This is just the top. Maria (my seamstress) had also taken apart the sleeve to try an make some scallops for the bottom. I was so excited- I made her take this picture. Oh and that's my full skirt for the shower. I love this skirt! Maybe it doesn't look good now with part of a wedding dress and no head but it is really nice. I just hope being so short I can pull it off.

This is the dress we are using as a model

A trip to the candy store and I bought something green. I really wanted to have more green in the wedding but I'd doing pretty good at sneaking it in when I can:

We are having an adult receptions but there will be children in the wedding party attending the wedding and this will be their favor-Wind-up monkey on a green bike and green candy.
Check out these cute alpine hats- I found 3 of them on sale for .25 at a church sale. We have 3 little guys in the wedding party- think they'll put them on for 1 picture?

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