Monday, September 22, 2008

Where does wedding inspiration come from?
I've been thinking about my wedding and my ideas and noticed a theme of some sort. I was still unsure what you would call it. I didn't realize what it was that got me going until I was at the mall this weekend. I fell in love with a skirt! A full skirt- why? AMC- I figure: Mad Men. Before I moved I used to watch Mad Men at night, but lately not so good about it. The final episode of season 2 is Sept. 28th at 10! I'm going to make it a point to watch.

Let's not forget the men:

The show is about a fictitious 1960s Madison Avenue ad adgency. The ad-men are always in sharp suits and the secretaries are in their cahmere sweaters and pencil skirts. It's all retro-styled and more than a few designers have been inspired by the show.

Here's Bloomingdales window before season 2:

So I've been confused about a purse for my wedding and have been looking and looking. I seen a couple at David's Bridal- but was unsure if I was going to dye my purse the same color as my shoes- which will be green. Then I seen one of them on Mad Men- check it out- it's even a cool green!

I ended up purchasing the skirt with a gift card and I'm thinking I will wear it to my shower!

Speaking of my shower- yesterday I seen my invites which I will post tomorrow. Wait till you see them!

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