Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Sweet Betty

Angel given to me by Betty  
She sent it over to me without even knowing me

Jesus came for sweet Betty.  Betty taught me so much about surviving cancer-
I wish I had her longer.  How am I going to do this without her?  Oh I'll miss her so much- She gave me so much.  I'm hurting today. 

I'm so blessed to have last spoken to her after my Doorways weekend.  Betty was the one who told me about Doorways.  We talked on the phone for 2 hours- the longest we ever got to talk on the phone.  We talked about Doorways and how much we learned from it.  She talked about Earl (her late husband),  Rob and Lucas.

We discussed reading the bible and she told me she had read it at least 11 times now.  She said I should around Christmas time- read the Christmas story in the bible.

We spoke about meditation and Dr. Wayne Dyer- she was reading one of his books.  For being 84 years old she sure was young.  She got me going to different things like a Survivor dinner, Relay for Life and Doorways.  She got a new computer and she was going to start googling she tole me because she had some things she wanted to know.  She was so willing to learn about whatever she could.  I will never forget at the Relay for Life- she was intrigued by Lucas' silly bands.  Watching Lucas explain them to her was so sweet.  I'm so glad Lucas got to meet her.

On the phone we also got to talk about feeling God and not being afraid to die.  I got to share my story about Jesus and the wonderful unexplainable feeling I had one night when I know he was talking to me.  She told me about a time when her mom was sick right before a holiday and they were unsure if she was going to make it.  Well Betty at the time just popped up and said, "She's going to be OK and I'm going to go buy her a dress."  Betty just knew in her heart that her mother was going to be OK.  She said at the time she had no idea why she even said that but that she just had a feeling.  We talked about intuition actually being a sense of God.  She told me about how she believed Earl was with her and the little gifts that were sent her way so she would know.  Like the squirrel with the weird tail that Earl liked or the day Price Chopper sent her the flowers Earl always sent.

We talked about Mother Teresa- How Teresa struggled for not being able to feel God and how that was ok.

I'm so lucky to have met Betty.  She reached out to me a total stranger and gave me so much. 

Betty took me to lunch after all my treatment was done and it was lovely. When she got in the car she gave me a gift of note cards with my name on it (this was the card I wrote my note to my doctor on).  She looked at me and said, "You know you're going to be OK."  "I know you are because of your attitude."  She always spoke to me about attitude towards things.  I will always remember her story when she had woken in the hospital and her family was around with long faces.  See they all knew about the cancer by then.  Betty said to herself "Lady there's two ways this can go"- well as you can guess by now Betty took the high road and she made it. 
At lunch she said, "Now I want you to start forgetting about all this cancer stuff, you and I will talk about different things now".  "Your going to go on with your life now".   She asked me to pray for a friend of hers- that she loved and hoped would be ok.  She was so caring and loving to so many people.
After lunch we went back to her house where we had dessert.  We ate Banjos (she called them-chocolate covered ice cream on a stick).  As we ate them she told me about getting into painting and doing things around my house I enjoyed and she showed me her paint kit.  When we finished the Banjos she cleaned her stick and mine and told me to store them with my own little paint kit to stir my paints.  I'll never forget the article she sent me on jewels because my favorite Audrey Hepburn was in it.  She was so smart and frugal.   She told me to save my money- and sometimes instead of giving money to an organization you can when you run into someone with a problem or sickness just give them some money.  I will cherish my Atta Girl she sent me after finishing treatment.  I will now start that tradition with my family.  She talked with me about sometime going to Kelly's with her and her family, how to reheat pizza on the stove, eating my fruits and veggies, never doing tit for tat with your husband and so much more.  I hope I never forget any of it.  She took me under her wing and told me to call her anytime I was down or scared- after I told her I went off my zoloft.  She had so much knowledge- I remember one time she said to me "Do you know your body is creating new cells all the time and do you know that your body completely renews it's self every 7 years?" "Think about that."  She was always learning and sharing.

Betty loved her kids and grandchildren so much and they cherished her - you could tell.  Family was so important to Betty and she had created a wonderful family.

Betty also loved Engelbert Humperdinck!  I will listen to him when ever I want to think about Betty sitting in her kitchen with me having coffee.

Rob and I attended a Survivor Dinner with Betty and her son and it was so fun.  She was so young at heart and before the dinner we spoke about what we would be wearing- both of us black dresses.  Betty in black- what a classic girl.  She always told me little things I could do for Rob and Lucas.  She missed Earl so very much and reminded me how lucky I was.  Her only complaint was that at times she was lonesome, but she only mentioned it once and it was very quickly.

Rob was so fond of Betty as well.  Now whenever I'm whining Rob will say- Think about Betty.  He knew she was strong.

She had a book going of "Good Things" that happened to her that she wanted to remember.  She told me if she is ever confined to a bed she could pull out that book and read it.  She was a very smart lady.  I had hoped her never to be confined to a bed.  Cancer can be a very cruel disease, but Betty beat it!  So happy was I that she didn't die from cancer.   To know she passed in her sleep makes me happy and it is proof that God was kind to her for all the good she left on this planet. 

This quote seems to sum up what I learned from Betty:

"Life is an opportunity, benefit from it.
Life is beauty, admire it.
Life is a dream, realize it.
Life is a challenge, meet it.
Life is a duty, complete it.
Life is a game, play it.
Life is a promise, fulfill it.
Life is sorrow, overcome it.
Life is a song, sing it.
Life is a struggle, accept it.
Life is a tragedy, confront it.
Life is an adventure, dare it.
Life is luck, make it.
Life is too precious, do not destroy it.
Life is life, fight for it."
— Mother Teresa

God Bless you Betty and enjoy your Earl!
At Last...Heaven.
He's as beautiful as we thought- right?
I love you-
nudge me ever now and then when I'm lost and scared

September 29, 2009

Well I think I'm gonna go over some important days from last year because at the time I could have never done it.  This will probably be a one time deal and then I can let them go. 

It's amazing to me that things happened earlier in my life that affected the way I dealt and thought about the way everything was happening to me.

About 14 years ago I had a manicurist who taught me so much.  Toni spoke to me about how to take good care of my nails; she taught me how to paint and file them and taking care of my cuticles.  Toni also spoke to me about her battle with cancer.  Toni was fighting cancer and she told me some amazing stories about mind over matter and how you need to interview your doctor and you need to like your doctor.  Never settle for what a doctor tells you if you don't believe it in your heart!  She spoke of Bernie Segiel and meditation, conversations with her doctor about what exactly he would be doing and praying with him before surgery.  You would never know she had cancer; she was radiant and beautiful.  She also told me about always wanting the cancer cut out.  "If a doctor tells you he won't operate, keep looking for one that will."  Toni always wanted it cut out.

OK so back to my appointment at the Breast Center

Rob met me there
I was taken back and told to take everything off from the waist up
I sat on the examining table and one of the few magazines there was a little one probably put out buy a drug company or something.  In the magazine I read an article about how to manage life during treatment.  I was amazed that this women went through chemo and radiation and worked.  She talked about her kids and making dinner.  I was so amazed because I probably would just be a mess unable to do anything like that.

Door Knock

Hi  I'm Bobbie (not her real name)
Bobbie:  So you had an appointment with Dr. F and he found a lump in your left breast at about  9 o'clock?
Me:  No it's my right breast
Bobbie: OK
Bobbie: OK I'm going to take a look at your breasts
My gown comes off and she has me bend forward
Bobbie: Have you noticed any changes in your breast appearance?
Me: No not until now -  I see that my nipple is pointing to one side and I did have a huge pain in my right breast during the summer.  I realize I have been favoring that breast.
Bobbie:  Arms out the sides and in the air
She checked my arm pits
Bobbie:  Arms down
She checked my neck and collar bone
Bobbie: You can lay down
She puts my arm over my head and does a breast exam- she attempts to make small talk about me not being married that long- but I don't ever remember any eye contact.
Bobbie: Yes I can feel it
Me:  What do you think it is
Bobbie: I'm not sure.  Do you notice that you can't get it way from the skin?
Me:  Yes- what do you think it is?
Bobbie:  I'm not sure I have seen anything like this before.
Bobbie:  See I can't get it away from the skin
Bobbie: Does it hurt?
Me: Yes
Bobbie:  We are going to get a mammogram today and an ultra sound.
Bobbie:  You can stay in your gown and have a seat in the waiting room
The waiting room is the 2nd waiting room....where all the womenn sit with their gowns on waiting to get called for their mamo or ultra sound and it where you sit to wait to see if you are free to go after.
During this time Rob is waiting in the waiting room.  I call my mom while waiting and I think I told her that Bobbie hadn't seen it before and was unsure what it was.

So I get called in for my ultra sound 1st- well the tech (female) was a stone face and super cold.  She had no concern for my increasing fear as she went over and over my arm pit area.  I did try to speak to her - but no look in eyes.   I took it as BAD.  She was either clueless or just plain rude.

Back to the waiting area....

Next I get called for my mamo- this tech (female) total opposite!  She was chatty and super nice to me.  She talked about purses with me.  I mentioned about how my nipple hurts and she was kind and caring about that.  I had some peace during my mamo thanks to her.

Back to the waiting area........
Waiting.....Waiting...........I've been there a couple hours now
Bobbie or someone walks by and tells me that they are just waiting for the radiologist to read my stuff.

I do manage to go out to the waiting area because I think Rob was getting concerned about how long I was back there.  I let him know what was going on.  Rob has to go to the bathroom and can't wait anymore.  He let's me know that he wants to be there when I talk to the doctor again (which I didn't meet any doctors yet).  Not sure what Bobbie was at the very least a nurse- but with special knowledge of breast care.  So we ask where Rob can go to the bathroom.

I go back and sit....Bobbie comes whizzing by with charts in a hurry and says I'm not going to wait to see what the radiologist has to say I went over your chart with Dr. "So and So".  I ask to let me get my husband.  Well Rob still wasn't back so I ask them to send him back when he gets back.

Bobbie takes me into her office
No lights- a big computer monitor- I sit down
She shows me the mamo and points out 2 masses
She then shows me my ultra sound which is colors and lights
Bobbie:  See this here
At this time Rob walks in and stands behind us
Me: Yes
Bobbie:  This is very suspicious
Rob: (by this time is mad and sick of being in this place) Suspicious for what?
I knew what she was talking about
Bobbie: Cancer
Rob at this point I think was shocked and tearing up
Bobbie: We can also see this pretty good size lymph node and it looks clear.
Me:  Can it be cut out (this is where Toni's talks about cancer came in)
Bobbie:  Yes- you will lose your nipple and probably need to have a mastectomy.
Me: Do you know where it came from (at this point I was worried I was filled with cancer)?
Bobbie: No- but I've seen this many times before. We can see by this that is has it's own blood flow.
Bobbie:  I didn't want to wait any longer for the radiologist because it's pretty clear you are going to need a biopsy.
Bobbie:  Do you have any surgeon you prefer?
Me: No- We don't know any
Bobbie:   Well I can see who can do it as soon as possible
Rob: Yes, we want it done as soon as possible.
Bobbie:  OK - I'll have "so and so" get you an appointment
Now she leads us back to my examining room where I can finally get dressed after hours of being in that gown.  Before I dressed Rob and I just hugged.  Rob cried and I said - no idea what.  I was totally numb.
We step outside and it's raining and I said, "I just can't believe it".

  I couldn't cry.  I called my parent's on the way to their house to pick up Lucas and told them what she thought.

When I got to my parents I just said - Well I'm gonna have to get rid of my nipple that's OK....
My parents seemed shocked as well.  Mom quiet, Dad talking a bunch.  Rob and Lucas were making their way out to the car and as I hugged my parents I said, "I feel so bad for Lucas".  They said "Lucas will be fine".

So that was a very very hard day- I was very disturbed by the way I was treated and today I still get a little mad.  Bobbie was Bobbie and I trust that she is very good at what she does, but I felt nothing from her.  Things do happen for a reason and maybe I needed that so that when I did find out it was cancer it wasn't a total shock.

The thing that's so important when choosing a doctor- you pick someone who makes you feel at ease.  If I had to go back to the Breast Center- I would go to Bobbie again- BUT only for the fact that I know she knows her stuff- BUT if there was someone else with as much knowledge, but a better disposition I would choose them in a heart beat.  You have to do what feels right for you.

I didn't realize how much Bobbie didn't pay attention to me as person until I was back in that office days later and she was in her office and I poked my head in to say "Hi- Bobbie"---Well she had not a clue who I was.  People in the medical field I guess grow numb to people- but it's important they know you ARE a PERSON - NO JUST A DISEASE.  That was what Toni tried so hard to teach people about patients and the medical profession.  In Bobbies defense- yes everything she told me came true- BUT it didn't have to - I had options - had something turned out different.

I love Lourdes hospital- but those two people showed no compassion for my husband or myself.  I did write them a letter.  I do get angry when I think about that tech not even looking at me.  I really just want to forget that day and release the bad feelings that come back to me when I think about it.

I would also like to say that I did call Bobbie a couple times- Once because I was on the computer and scared I had inflammatory breast cancer and another time because I thought I would lose my mind.  She told me not to go on the computer, no I don't have inflammatory breast cancer and to exercise to exhaustion.  She also told me "This is not a death sentence".

This is why- always go to a doctor you trust and maintain your relationships with good doctors- they are so very important!

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Fall Fashion

I love this video put out by Yves St Laurent- you need to pause my music below because it has music.
Not sure's creepy delicious or something like that.

The only outfit I'm not digging is the one that's not an outfit.  I LOVE the 3rd outfit (skirt&whiteshirtw/jacket) This definitely puts me in the mood to finally take some time and look through my Sept Elle- it's huge!

And before I is one of my favorite quotes:

Over the years I have learned that what is important in a dress is the woman who is wearing it.
Yves Saint Laurent

Friday, September 24, 2010

September 24th Anniversary

Well today I am humbled by this date and very excited at the same time.
September 24th- I went in for my yearly pap smear.

I lied down as the doctor did my breast exam starting on the right side

Doctor: Have you felt this before?

Me: What?
Doctor then took my hand and led it to my right nipple where I felt something very strange like rubber.

Me: No

Doctor:  Well I'm going to have the nurse get you an appointment at the breast center before you leave today.

Me:  OK
this portion of my appointment I have no memory of - pap smear never went so smooth
the next thing I remember is this conversation 

Me:  What could that be?

Doctor: it could be a cyst, but I'm unsure so that's why I want you to go to the breast center as soon as they can get you in.  I'm going to suggest they get you in as soon as today.

Me: Should I start Mammograms now that I'm 40? Duh Danielle- why I asked that?- I think I was still in shock.

Doctor:  We'll discuss that after you have your appointment at the breast center, but yes 40 is when we would usually start mammograms.

Me: Thank you Dr. Farrell

Nurse: They can see you Monday at 2:00

Me: took the card she gave me with my appointment

I walked to my car got in and cried as I thought about Lucas and if I have breast cancer who will take care of him?  I cried hard.
That day was the start of some really hard days
When I got home I kept touching it and then I could feel there were 2 spots that seem connected- I was so disgusted.  How could I have not known?   I had pain in that breast like no pain ever before- to the point of having bent over in pain.       

And then I posted this- and I'm so grateful for all my girlfriends who supported and prayed for me.

SO what to do on this day- CELEBRATE
Today during the day I will be stopping off at Dr. Farrell's office to drop him off a note and flowers.  Dr. Farrell is my doctor because he is so kind and a great doctor.

Here is my note:

Dr. Farrell

One year ago today you found a lump in my breast and in your most calming way you showed it to me and set me up with an appointment at the Breast Center.  You saved my life by doing that breast exam and I am eternally thankful for that.  You were there for the best day of my life; when my son Lucas was born.  You were also there on one of the worse days of my life; and I couldn't ask for a more caring and loving individual to be a part of all that.

You called me after my diagnosis and although I wasn't home I felt such joy and gratitude!

I wanted to get you something, but honestly had not a clue so flowers were my choice.  I'm hoping you will give these flowers to your wife (from you) because you saved someones wife and they too are eternally grateful.  

So you enjoy your beautiful wife tonight - because my husband Rob will be enjoying his beautiful wife tonight thanks to you.

God Bless You
Danielle Podrazil 

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

A White Blood Cell Chasing Bacteria

OK- how amazing is it that our body heals it's self- I love watching this little movie!

That 1 little (big) white blood cell chasing that bacteria with such determination.....and you mean to tell me we can't do our part to help all those white blood cells out (in) there.
How can we not fight to live when our own body works so hard!

Monday, September 20, 2010

Doorways to Healing

I had a wonderful time at Doorways to Healing....I was able to let go of a lot of stuff.  It was so nice to just let it out and cry, get mad, laugh, sing, dance, meditate, draw and write.  God Bless Dr. Whitney and all my fellow sisters.  

Here is one of my letters
We had to write to our body or a body part

With my left hand I had to write a note back from my body and breast.....

I learned so much about healing emotionally from cancer.

And here is my meditation place

Friday, September 17, 2010

Here it goes.

Health Update

Well I had my appointment with Dr. Powell and it seems like I'm going well so far with my implant after radiation.  I was shown exercises to do for my shoulder and also how to move my implant around.  My implant sits in a pocket in there and there is room for movement.  We have to keep it moving just so the scar tissue doesn't form and make it hard.

My weight was skimmed over like I said earlier.

I won't see Dr. Powell for a year  :(

I really like the charming Dr. Powell.....I don't know if it was his British accent, cool ties, his smile OR maybe the fact he would comment on my jewelry and shoes!  I don't know but when some people smile at you, you actually feel like they are sincerely happy to see you.  Besides all that Dr. Powell is one of my favorites because he takes his time with you and he goes over everything.

I got the results from my bone density test and I have some slight bone loss.  It's called Osteopenia- my bone density is lower than it should be, but not low enough to be called Osteoporosis.  We all start losing bone density beginning around age 30, BUT the thicker the bones before that the longer it takes to get to osteopenia.  SO thicken up your bones!  I'll be taking calcium 2x a day.  500 or 600 each.  Maybe I should have drank milk........nah.  I should have eaten more calcium right veggies!

Asked about a colonoscopy....they said no till I'm 50.  Well with the stomach trouble I get I will be getting one sooner I don't care what they say.  I don't know if this has anything to do with it but a friend who has a female onc doctor was told to get one and when I had my last chemo I had a female doc filing in for mine and she said I should get one.  The key to colon cancer is early detection and I believe I'm at higher risk for colon cancer so I'll take care of myself and look into getting one.  I have an appointment with my onc doctor and I will discuss it with him at that time.

No doc appointments till Nov- Meet with my breast surgeon and also my plastic surgeon.  Yeah!

On the home front I've been informed that 1 toe at a time isn't cutting
Must dive right in!

Well I will be attending Doorways to Healing this weekend and I'm hoping to learn some coping techniques as well as how to heal emotionally, get my confidence back, move on and so on..... Good things it's the whole weekend because I have a lot to work on.
Was a bit nervous about rooming with someone so I did request my own room- hope I'm not lonely- Yeah right- ALONE is my middle name!  LOL  Oh the days of being a young girl and spending hours in my bedroom alone, I loved it.  I was in my own little world.     

Well when looking up about bones I seen Sally Fields a lot and it's funny because people have told me that I look a bit like Sally Fields.

Or I was told I looked like Marlo Thomas from "That Girl"...probably because I wore my hair and eye make-up like that.  It was a phase I was going through....I may have seen some That Girl re-runs.

I still love that look.

Then there was the time I was told I look like the girl from the Exorcist- Really......NICE

I was hoping they meant this

NOT this
Well on some days I can see the fun when people say you look like people just not a possessed girl.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Mary had a little fluff and everywhere Mary went the fluff was sure to follow


I call her fluff

because I stuff her with fluff

That's all I can think about when I think about my fluff (the little thing I stuff my bra with).  That songs goes through my mind as I run around my house asking Rob if he's seen my fluff.  I really am growing to love my new breast...but I do think about accessorizing and taking extra care of it/her whatever you may call it.

Tats (OK I'm not a tattoo type but it's fun to look)
Sometimes I wish I could be that daring....

Stick on Nipples
Who knew there were so many to choose from and that cross dresser shops have some really good ones.

Or the best of both world with no pain, but still something pretty that isn't a fake nipple.  I still have a hard time with the purpose of a fake nipple.  Well it would be nice to have matching sides- so I get that but other than that?

So pasties maybe the better choice for me

Pretty No-Underwire bras
I had no idea how hard it is to find pretty wireless bras- if you find any alert me please!

Scar cream

And here she is over 6 weeks out of radiation

Everything seems to look good.  I have a little discoloring under my breast, but that may go away.  The doctor showed me how to move my implant around as to keep scar tissue from forming and making it hard.  I honestly had no idea it could move so much until he moved it all around.  After all this I'm starting to realize it's mine and it's a part of me!
Oh and I've weened off of zoloft......that's another funny doctor story for another time.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Had an "AW" moment at my doctor appointment

I had my follow up appointment with my radiologist and they ask a bunch of questions like how I'm feeling and if I have any pain.  Well I am in the habit of always saying something about my weight and they always brush it off and I get mad.  So this last appointment the nurse said to me, "We are always concerned when a patient is losing weight not gaining".  "You are lucky you are doing so good".  So I realized that this person as well as my doctor see a lot of sick people who probably can't gain weight and are dying and here I sit complaining about weight gain- what a jerk I've been.  This whole weight gain has also held back my happiness, because I'm now onto worrying about what I look like and what people think of me.  I'm not letting myself enjoy the happiness I deserve after everything I have been through.  I don't know what it was that made me WAKE UP, but I have a feeling it may have something to do with St. Theresa.  I hadn't been reading my book on her because I'm towards the end of the book and she is dying and I feel like when I'm done with the book she'll be gone.  Silly I know, but it's how I feel.  So anyways I finally starting reading the book again on my trip down to the city and I felt enlightened.

I am so lucky to have felt extreme enlightenment during my nephew's birthday party.  Sam is my Godson and my whole cancer seemed to be around the time he was about to be baptised.  The night before my biopsy I attended a baptism class for Sam.  So his little journey has reminded me of my little journey.  In the beginning of his life I wondered if I would be around to see him grow and now I was sitting here at his 1st Birthday party and other than a cold I felt good; no up coming operation or treatment!  I felt such happiness in my heart like never before as we sang Happy Birthday to him.   


There is a fun giveaway at TatorTots and Jello  and
you have to check out this beautiful baby girl
at DearLillieBlog the pictures on this blog are so sweet~

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Thank you so much Caity and Matt for the gifts you left me- I love them! 

And thank you again Amy for my necklace............

Thank you St. Theresa for always being there for me.
Thank you for watching over my uncle for me! 

Monday, September 13, 2010

Time to Ease into Something New

It's Monday and I'm easing into something new....

I'm very gently going to take better care of myself, one little toe dip at a time if I have to.  

Saturday, September 11, 2010


I've heard a lot of stories from 9/11- this year I think about the flight attendant of Flight 93 - as she called to tell her family she loved them for the last time.

turn music off at bottom

Friday, September 10, 2010

Back to School

A blast from the past.....when we were on our own

I'm not sure if Lucas has butterflies his 1st day back at school, but I sure do.  Last year at this time life was different.  What seemed to be starting off like a good school year ended up being very difficult.  This year I will be able to give Lucas my full attention!  No more driving to school in my robe and hat with sunglasses.  No more dumb questions from kids about why I wear a robe or why I cut my hair or comments about how different I look.  Kids are kids and that is fine, but I'm sure it made it difficult for Lucas.  He ended up with good grades, but not after some struggle in the middle.  I feel so bad for having put him through that last year, but it's over and we are so lucky.

I'm so happy for him.

He is getting so grown up.  I think his sauciness is settling down and he is learning to bite his lip more.  He has hopefully learned to be more grateful for all he has.  If not I will remind him.
He was so good about getting his school supplies and organizing them just so.  I love how he picks out his outfit.

I wish him the best year ever! And I'm so happy to be healthy and able to enjoy every minute of it.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

NYC- Finally

I don't want to forget some places I've been while in the city.  Just got some updating done. Tomorrow we head to NY for a couple of doctor appointments....I must map out our day being I have an appointment at 10:15 another at 4:15. 
View from the Boat Basin Cafe by the Hudson River.  Take 79th street to the end and you'll find it by the river.

Lucas found glasses at Cohen's Optical on the corner of 60th and Lexington. 
They were super helpful!

Is that Polar Bear Awesome or What!?!?

Can't pass up Serendipity3 for an Iced Hot Chocolate!
225 East 60th Street

A lot of my fav brands.....
59 Lexington Ave
Ny Ny  10022


These cupcakes are HEAVEN!  I love the chocolate with chocolate!
200 Columbus Ave
Ny Ny

I love Sabon- they will let you wash your hands with their beautiful smelling scrubs and then apply their lotion- YUM! 

M&J Trim

Billy's Antiques and Props

If you like antiques the center of the antique district is near

This 'n' That
124 W 25th Street
Ny Ny  10001

Fishs Eddy

Rob and I love Olde Good Things Antiques in Chelsea


St. Vincent Ferrer Church
869 Lexington Ave
Ny Ny 10065-6680

St. Patrick's Cathedral
460 Madison Ave
Ny Ny 10022-6863

St. Thomas Episcopal Church
1 West 53rd Street (near 5th Ave)
Ny Ny 10019-5496

I'm not Episcopalian - but this church is absolutely beautiful to see and pray in- there is such a presence there.
St. Bartholomew's Church
325 Park Ave (near 51st Str)
Ny Ny 10022-6912
All religions welcomed here
There is also a shopping area set-up during the Christmas holiday here
I Loved this church because of the huge praying angel inside
I guess they also filmed a scene from the movie Salt in the church
Here's the picture I took of the angel when I was there in December

St. Catherine's (right near Sloan Kettering Hospital)
411 East 68th Street
Ny Ny  10065-6395
they also have a park that you can eat at picnic benches, and kids can go on the swings.  One night we got our self some street meat and headed to the park to eat while the kiddo went on the swings.

Our Lady of Peace Church
237 East 62nd Street
Ny Ny 10021
This is an adorable church- it's so sweet and calming. I attended mass here with my mom.

Grocery Stores- Well the Food Emporium right under the Queensboro bridge is so cool to visit the prices are high. I ended up going to a cheaper market called
1208 1st Avenue & 65th
Ny Ny  10065

Duane Reed is also right on 1st....their housewares items are down stairs. These 2 places were convenient because I would pass by on my way to and from treatment.

There is also a Dunkin Doughnuts on the way ;)

Carmines Restaurant is a great place to eat for 4 or more people because it is family style.

For Chinese on the West Side while shopping around 6th Ave- The Main Noodle has yummy food!
1011 6th Ave @ W38th Street
Ny Ny  10018

Angelo's in Little Italy!
It is the oldest Italian restaurant in Little Italy
My fav  - I love puttanesca sauce!  The broccoli rabe is awesome - oh an order the anti-pasta appetizer!

If you don't want to spend that much and maybe can't get in I also love BenitoII...the guy out front is wonderful and the food is good!

163 Mulberry Street
Ny Ny  10013-6101

Where I stayed while in treatment:

Bridge Suites (they are right near the Queensboro Bridge)

It's a walk up so no elevator- we had to ask for a lower floor. All the rooms are different so make sure you get a decent room. I was in room 121 and it was very nice. I dealt with Sammy O. - he is the nicer of the men I dealt with. These Suits are located at 60th ave and Rads treatment is on 67th so the walk was great.

Like I was told the fruits and veggies on the street are the cheapest and oh so good.

Another note- NYC has better tap  water- great article!

My new favorite bridge
The Queensboro Bridge- read all about her!

Here's a book worth checking out:

Well some more places I would like to remember in the city:
I linked to their websites- there is usually more than one location in the city

Conway (cheapo clothing store)- you have to get to Conway- it's a discount shoppers paradise.  My sister-in-law calls it disposable clothes.
Filene's Basement- where bargains are born- they are my favorite for shoes
Loehmann's- the it store for designer fashions
Daffy's- high fashion low prices- Daffy's is my favorite!
Ricky's- one stop super shop for all things beauty- need a beauty product this is the place- I found my false lashes, ear lifts and even nipple covers here!
Pylones- this place is just plain fun stuff for everyone- unique gifts
take this for example
For the person who has everything:
An egg cup with a spoon and little tool to crack your egg