Friday, September 17, 2010

Health Update

Well I had my appointment with Dr. Powell and it seems like I'm going well so far with my implant after radiation.  I was shown exercises to do for my shoulder and also how to move my implant around.  My implant sits in a pocket in there and there is room for movement.  We have to keep it moving just so the scar tissue doesn't form and make it hard.

My weight was skimmed over like I said earlier.

I won't see Dr. Powell for a year  :(

I really like the charming Dr. Powell.....I don't know if it was his British accent, cool ties, his smile OR maybe the fact he would comment on my jewelry and shoes!  I don't know but when some people smile at you, you actually feel like they are sincerely happy to see you.  Besides all that Dr. Powell is one of my favorites because he takes his time with you and he goes over everything.

I got the results from my bone density test and I have some slight bone loss.  It's called Osteopenia- my bone density is lower than it should be, but not low enough to be called Osteoporosis.  We all start losing bone density beginning around age 30, BUT the thicker the bones before that the longer it takes to get to osteopenia.  SO thicken up your bones!  I'll be taking calcium 2x a day.  500 or 600 each.  Maybe I should have drank milk........nah.  I should have eaten more calcium right veggies!

Asked about a colonoscopy....they said no till I'm 50.  Well with the stomach trouble I get I will be getting one sooner I don't care what they say.  I don't know if this has anything to do with it but a friend who has a female onc doctor was told to get one and when I had my last chemo I had a female doc filing in for mine and she said I should get one.  The key to colon cancer is early detection and I believe I'm at higher risk for colon cancer so I'll take care of myself and look into getting one.  I have an appointment with my onc doctor and I will discuss it with him at that time.

No doc appointments till Nov- Meet with my breast surgeon and also my plastic surgeon.  Yeah!

On the home front I've been informed that 1 toe at a time isn't cutting
Must dive right in!

Well I will be attending Doorways to Healing this weekend and I'm hoping to learn some coping techniques as well as how to heal emotionally, get my confidence back, move on and so on..... Good things it's the whole weekend because I have a lot to work on.
Was a bit nervous about rooming with someone so I did request my own room- hope I'm not lonely- Yeah right- ALONE is my middle name!  LOL  Oh the days of being a young girl and spending hours in my bedroom alone, I loved it.  I was in my own little world.     

Well when looking up about bones I seen Sally Fields a lot and it's funny because people have told me that I look a bit like Sally Fields.

Or I was told I looked like Marlo Thomas from "That Girl"...probably because I wore my hair and eye make-up like that.  It was a phase I was going through....I may have seen some That Girl re-runs.

I still love that look.

Then there was the time I was told I look like the girl from the Exorcist- Really......NICE

I was hoping they meant this

NOT this
Well on some days I can see the fun when people say you look like people just not a possessed girl.

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