Friday, September 24, 2010

September 24th Anniversary

Well today I am humbled by this date and very excited at the same time.
September 24th- I went in for my yearly pap smear.

I lied down as the doctor did my breast exam starting on the right side

Doctor: Have you felt this before?

Me: What?
Doctor then took my hand and led it to my right nipple where I felt something very strange like rubber.

Me: No

Doctor:  Well I'm going to have the nurse get you an appointment at the breast center before you leave today.

Me:  OK
this portion of my appointment I have no memory of - pap smear never went so smooth
the next thing I remember is this conversation 

Me:  What could that be?

Doctor: it could be a cyst, but I'm unsure so that's why I want you to go to the breast center as soon as they can get you in.  I'm going to suggest they get you in as soon as today.

Me: Should I start Mammograms now that I'm 40? Duh Danielle- why I asked that?- I think I was still in shock.

Doctor:  We'll discuss that after you have your appointment at the breast center, but yes 40 is when we would usually start mammograms.

Me: Thank you Dr. Farrell

Nurse: They can see you Monday at 2:00

Me: took the card she gave me with my appointment

I walked to my car got in and cried as I thought about Lucas and if I have breast cancer who will take care of him?  I cried hard.
That day was the start of some really hard days
When I got home I kept touching it and then I could feel there were 2 spots that seem connected- I was so disgusted.  How could I have not known?   I had pain in that breast like no pain ever before- to the point of having bent over in pain.       

And then I posted this- and I'm so grateful for all my girlfriends who supported and prayed for me.

SO what to do on this day- CELEBRATE
Today during the day I will be stopping off at Dr. Farrell's office to drop him off a note and flowers.  Dr. Farrell is my doctor because he is so kind and a great doctor.

Here is my note:

Dr. Farrell

One year ago today you found a lump in my breast and in your most calming way you showed it to me and set me up with an appointment at the Breast Center.  You saved my life by doing that breast exam and I am eternally thankful for that.  You were there for the best day of my life; when my son Lucas was born.  You were also there on one of the worse days of my life; and I couldn't ask for a more caring and loving individual to be a part of all that.

You called me after my diagnosis and although I wasn't home I felt such joy and gratitude!

I wanted to get you something, but honestly had not a clue so flowers were my choice.  I'm hoping you will give these flowers to your wife (from you) because you saved someones wife and they too are eternally grateful.  

So you enjoy your beautiful wife tonight - because my husband Rob will be enjoying his beautiful wife tonight thanks to you.

God Bless You
Danielle Podrazil 


Amy D said...

Hi D-

that letter is so beautiful to your Dr. He will genuinely touched. I think it is great/amazing that you have found a Dr. you has been with you for so long through some important life events. Not only that, but you also have confidence and a genuine relationship.

Love ya

Five Peas in Our Pod said...

Tears. I'm so glad you have a proactive doctor. The world is a much better place with you in it. Blessings to you Danielle!

Sista B said...

What a nice letter. You are so thoughtful. I hope you have a nice time tonight and take the time to celebrate.


Ninja Panda said...

Aww D, you got me all teary eyed with that post. You beam with such radiance, happy to have you here.


Danielle said...

Thanks you guys - you ARE the best! Support means the world to me. Thanks again for this long year....I couldn't have done it without your support and prayers.

cpauline said...

Danielle, That is so nice of you to think of him in a special way today. I know you always loved him. God bless him for his work.
And God bless YOU. WE are so blessed to have you in our lives.
WE ALL learn so much from YOU.
May Jesus, Mary, Teresa, and all the angels and saints, and MiMi
watch over you and protect you forever!! Love, Your Mom

Danielle said...

Thanks MOM

Jackie's Journey said...

OK.... I'm crying right now reading that Danielle. Dr. Farrell brought 3 out of my 4 children into this world, (he held my hand and consoled me when we lost a child.) He truly is a wonderful man and an amazing doctor. I haven't been to see him in over 3 years and I know that's really, really bad. After reading this, I'm calling today and scheduling an appointment. God works in mysterious ways, doesn't He?? God Bless you Always!!

Danielle said...

Jackie - I'm so happy you are making that appointment- it's so important when we get a good doc we keep him! He is def a keeper- no matter how hard it may be to get in with him.
And yes - God sure does work in mysterious ways!
Thanks for praying for me.