Tuesday, November 25, 2008

LOVE sign...
Wedding Programs....
Professional Photos

Just a little wedding photo- with sign above cake.........

My ceremony programs! My wedding ceremony programs were a problem. I just couldn't get them going and then there were other problems. It didn't start getting better until I called on my sister-in-law Becky! She is wonderfully talented and thanks to her we ended up with the best wedding program ever! This was to us the most important document (next to our marriage license). The ceremony was our favorite part of the wedding and to have all the details documented was important to us.

Now I must make a comment about Rob. When it came time to set up my programs - Rob said he had a couple wedding programs from weddings he attended.....WHAT? Really guys do that? No I don't think so. This is why I love Rob so much....not only did he have a couple he had one from every wedding he went to!!!!! How sweet is that? The guy I thought may never brake and propose actually kept wedding programs. I love him. I had all sorts to choose from and it was so fun- I picked my favorites! The problem then was I was determined to have the best wedding program! Well thanks to Becky my wedding program is my favorite! So much time and thought went into our program. Becky doing and redo it, Father Caruso approving them, Staples doing them 2x, (thanks to me misspelling a name) .....Rob folding, me stamping, mom tying the knots! Alex Ulma handing them out at church. I absolutely love them!

Are professional photos arrived!!!!
I'm freaking out- They sent us a disc with 600 photos and said pick 60- WHAT
I never like pictures of myself (usually) but there are so many awesome pictures! Rob looks awesome as usual and others look great too. Plus- Remember I have no video so I feel like I need any and every picture taken that day. Here are 2 of the 600.

Ok- I have to put one more because I love it. Rob is the best person ever and this picture reminds me how wonderful he is to me.

Oh just realized I said Rob looked great and only include pics where you couldn't really see our faces- here's a couple more


Monday, November 24, 2008

A NOTE on Wedding Videos-

We did not have one- Why? Well I can be very negative at times and I didn't want anything bad caught on tape. Like what I have no idea. I usually love video and pictures, but I had a bad feeling. Close to the wedding date we talked about it and thought maybe we would regret not having one, but still we didn't get one. And then we regreted it. It was the best day of our life together and I would love to relive that day over and over.

BUT- Thank you to our friend - Larry- we have a wedding clip. No we do not have a wedding video BUT we have this clip which actually shows Rob and I as we are together - HAPPY! Rob being Rob making funny hand jestures and me being me laughing. I don't know if we would have ever gotten a shot like this from a videoguy and this shot is worth more than an all day wedding video.
Larry saved the day!!!!! We owe him big

Here is (Uncle) Larry with Lucas:

And now for the clip...........

Friday, November 14, 2008

Wedding Projects and Props

The wedding has passed and now I'm just going to document and comment on as much as I can.

I was so happy to have completed the love sign for over the cake:

Items purchased for this Ribbon, paper, holepuncher- all from Michael's- Super Easy!

Here are the pathetic hearts for the backs of our chairs: (still pathetic- but I was so out of time)
Purchased these from Kmart on sale.

Speaking of time - THANK GOD for Grooms and Bestmen!!!

Rob and his bestman Keith came in and helped HUGE with last minute decorating! They seriously saved the day!

Here is our card box- Loved this box! Box was hand made by a friend of the family

Here is our entrance sign- bought on esty from SignsByDiane

These were suppose to hold the table names- but they were too long- the Terra Cotta had better holders that worked perfect! May try and sell these on ebay.

Here was another problem- MINTS

I never ordered them on-line. Went to Michael's and bought candies (the doves) they tasted bad. Ended up with the little white chocolate mints. Rob filled every tin!

Lip gloss for the ladies room- Loved these!
Glass bowl bought at HomeGoods

This candlelabra purchased at HomeGoods. This sat on the Piano

Ok- escort card table. Candles and glass vases bought at HomeGoods
Limes bought from a local distributor- Behlog and Sons
Green leaves bought at Walmart
book and pen- David's bridal

Here are the favors- wrapped! My mother-in-law wrapped every single favor!

After working on the reception set-up it was time for rehearsal
Here are a couple of pics from the dinner put on by my in-laws.
One thing I regret is not taking enough pics. There were some really great decorations at the dinner! Also some people didn't attend and other left early; mostly b/c it was Halloween. Not matter- it was a great dinner.