Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Rain, Rain and more Rain

When you are stuck inside you can always browse:
DailyCandy is always good info!

Here are some other things I found-
Need to sharpen your scissors- take a piece of foil and fold it in half a couple of times and cut it with your scissors!

My favorite jewel-
I adore the new pictures of Miss Monroe- What a doll!
Norma K pants at Walmart- $15!
Steve Madden Platforms- YUM YUM YUMMY!!!!!!!!
And somewhere on the streets of NYC-

Friday, June 26, 2009

How does your garden grow?

So I couldn't possibly plant a garden and instead just planned on planting in containers. This was OK BUT there just isn't enough food!

As you can see in this picture I have chives, parsley, rosemary, thyme, basil and a banana peppers
And in another pot-a tomato plant
I didn't take a picture of my lettuce and swiss chard because they are in the yard under our tree. Lettuce is more delicate and needs not be directly in the sun path.

So when we go to eat something we pretty much wipe everything out except for maybe the herbs like rosemary, thyme, and parsley.

The other night we had our own tomatoes and our own basil-
Lucas and Rob alone can eat the whole plate so I fixed myself a bowl of store bought tomatoes and mozzarella cheese in which I ate over what little bit of lettuce we had left from our (container)garden
Rob and Lucas' looks more appetizing than my bowl. :(

This is one of their favorites- Caprese Salad.
So then browsing some of my favorite blogs I seen this

This is from blog: tatertotsandjello LOVE HER GARDEN!

It happens that Rob put up a privacy fence on the side of our house and made me planter boxes with the leftover fence pieces. I didn't even ask him to make me one! He made 2 of them for me. You can barely see the planters- one in the yard and the other right next to the back door.

This was the back area before the fence (we are still working on it)

Rob also painted the step for me!

I believe he was sick of pots sitting around. I was loving my pots and I really enjoyed painting them. It was relaxing to sit down at night and do a little bit of painting. I was inspired by this on another one of my favorite blogs- howaboutorange

I fell in love with this color. These are plastic containers she painted with a primer 1st! I have been slacking on my veggies but will get back on the wagon.


Here'a that dress I bought at Walmart on clearance-
see you can find decent stuff at Walmart- perfect dress-
gut well concealed! I hate trying stuff on and it's TIGHT!

Blogs I entioned:



Tuesday, June 23, 2009

SuMMER TIME MuSic and MaGazines

Well my 2 summer albums are going to be The Bird and The Bee and Lady GaGa!!!!!
On Mother's day my mom gave me a great magazine rack with magazines and I totally love the May - BHG! It has so much summer stuff I LOvE!

I was so excited looking through BHG because I seen my lamp in there! She's a STAR!

The one magazine subscription I always keep up is Elle.
Still working on the outside of our place......here's some quick pics of the front:



Just a few changes made it a little more comfy.
PillowS Yummy
I painted a terra cotta pot bottom a berry delicious color to match my pillows from Target(striped ones). The green ones are from last year at Lowes.
My flowers are from my house in Vestal! xxx

Here's some great images from Better Homes and Gardens.
I laugh when I see these pictures because there are 2 things Rob talks about pillows and plants......he's wondering why I keep bringing them home. Looking at these pictures I know why!
Awesome bench!
I like seeing plants in pots surrounded by trees!This bar is so neat and inexpensive. I think

When I look at all the plants I wonder how someone cares for all of them.
Succulents- right?

Friday, June 19, 2009

It's done!

Ok- I had to include this picture below because there was someone cute sleeping on the couch. Dog found on PetFinder

The above picture was taken before I had sweet Rob paint a design around the tailgate.
Back to the tour- here at the stairs- Great pics from Becky. Rob had this chair in his office. Frames from Walmart.

After that we have a doorway with curtain and curtain rod all from Walmart. Curtains hemmed by my mom-in-law Pat! I had the picture and wine rack(Pier1) from my old house. Another one of Rob's chairs and an ottoman. Blanket from Walmart.

These 2 pieces of art are complimates of Lucas! They are 2 of my favorite art projects he brought home from school. The frames are from Walmart.
Next the couch and the car part I managed to fit in!Rob outlined the tailgate for me late last night! He's the best!
I love my pillows! Yellow and blue pillows from Target, and the pinks from my place.

The lamp I fell in love with at Homegoods! Lucas' dragaon from home and another school project; puffy frame!

Well the Picture of my FAVORITE; Audrey Hepburn is from Allposters! It was a gift for my mom but was way too big and damaged. Rob did a little fixing and it was good enough for us. Allposters were awesome and gave us a full return! You can't see from the picture but it is damaged.
The metal chairs were in Rob's bedroom. The pillow is actually a pillow cover from ebay. Lucas let us store his cool long board behind my baby italian plant! Oh and the planter is from Kmart.

Yes- It's time to RELAX- we did end up repainting these letters yellow- LAX to stand for Lacrosse!
The couch- Rob had
The tables- I had (HomeGoods)
Lucas made the RELAX letters in shop at school!
White lantern thing from Joann Fabrics, White candle and little white vase from Big Lots.
TV Stand- Kmart
TV- Rob had
Carpet- was a remnant from Lowes

We didn't do too bad!