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Saturday, June 26, 2010

I'm back at home!

No I didn't :) but it was fun to look
Dylan's Candy Bar
New York City

1011 Third Ave
New York, NY 10021
Subway: N, R, W, 4, 5, 6 to 59th St/Lexington Ave
Store Hours:
Mon-Thurs 10 AM – 10 PM
Fri & Sat 10 AM – 11 PM
Sun 10 AM – 9 PM

Well I had a good time of my 1st two treatments.  I did get a little anxious on the 1st one... my breathing got really heavy and I was afraid that any second I would get yelled at.  Especially after they take all this time to  place me just so- but they never yell and they are always very nice to me.  I was assigned a certain machine/room and that will be the machine I use for all 25 treatments.  I believe the techs will usually be the same too.  There are about 4 techs waiting when I get to the room and they are all guys/boys.  The youngest happens to be from Binghamton so that's nice.  I always were my cross into the room and take it off while in the room that way there is always a crucifix with me in the room.  There are lockers and they will have you take your cross off, but I wear mine till the last minute.  There's nothing painful about the radiation treatment, but there's a weird feeling you get when it's time to shoot you up and everyone leaves the room.  All in all it's fine for now.  I understand it will accumulate in my body and eventually may burn and make me tired.  I apply lotion 2x a day and I'm hoping my implant stays good!   The schedules are a little hard at times, but they try their best AFTER you let them know exactly what you need.

The room I'm staying at in the city happened to be on the 5th floor- NO elevator!  There was no way we could continue to truck up and down the very old narrow steps so after pleading and pleading we were moved to the 2nd floor of another building.  You see they showed us one room when we went to see the place, but them gave us a different room when we arrived.   Mom and I were very relieved and super tired from moving everything from the 5th floor in one building to the 2nd floor in another building.

The city was very hot and busy.  At first I don't really like to be there, but I then start to like it again.  I did miss my bed though.  One day while in Bed Bath and Beyond we kept seeing things about bed bugs and finally asked the boy at the register after seeing a travel size bottle at the check out. 

ME: Are there such things as bed bugs around here?
BOY: Yes    
BOY:  OH YEAH, but it's not bed bug season.  Bed bug season is in the fall.
ME:  Were you ever bit by a bed bug?
BOY: YEAH, I didn't know for sure what it was so I looked it up on-line and it was.  You know they are bed bugs because they will leave a line of bites.
MOM:   We better get that spray

So when we get back to the room............we didn't go near the bed until we were too tired to care AND we put on new sheets and mattress pad.

The trip was good- SO HOT!  My eating was decent, but I could have made some better choices I suppose.  My mom is great to travel with because she knows I am trying to get back in shape.  We walked a lot.  I mean that's like all we did is get up leave and walk all day.  The food is great in the city, but next week I will bring and buy some groceries so we can eat in.  One thing that was really nice was a diner called the RITZ- they had fresh squeezed spinach, celery and carrot juice- YUM.   Next week I will have my VitMixer with me.  The Ritz was also open 24hrs- nice to know.  They were very nice there and clean.

I was reading about fiber while there and I can't believe all the fiber we are suppose to eat in one day.  When I post about the cancer fighting veggies later I will also make note of the fiber info I found!  Fiber is very important to digestion and if you are trying to lose weight and keep fit it's a must.  My mom and I went over a few days of what we ate to see how much we had and it wasn't good.  If we ate all the fiber we should have we would have been too full to eat much else.

I really need to start exercising my arms.  At night I'm having some problems getting comfortable and I think I am tensing up while I sleep.   Some mornings I wake up and my arms are asleep- or just plain hurting.

I have so much to do before leaving again Monday morning.

Well I was going to post how I made my crown for my Blessed Mother so here it is

Floral wire

3 Pieces- eye ball how much you may need to go around your Blessed Mother's head 

          Braid them like you would hair

Make sure you have decent spaces to fit flowers and the spaces are easy enough to adjust to different size flowers. 

Adjust it to fit your Blessed Mother's head

Pick your flowers from your yard or while walking

Poke them in the wholes in the crown you've made. 

Well I must run and get all my stuff done.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

I'm off to start radiation

image by Corrie Bond

Mom and myself are off to get going on my radiation.  I will have a set-up and then my first radiation on Thursday.

I must say the detox is going pretty well I am starving at times....but not nearly as bad as I thought I would be.  I'm starting to feel better about it.
After 1 more day I may move onto the Fat Smash Diet- Phase 1.  It to me seems like the most reasonable although still pretty detoxing!  

When I've googled the Fat Smash by Dr. Ian Smith I found this:

   PHASE 1—DETOXIFICATION The 9-day natural detoxification stage is not a fasting diet. Rather it is a vegetarian diet consisting primarily of fruits and vegetables, with some dairy and egg whites allowed. There are no absolute restrictions on how much to eat. The diet is designed to rid the body of toxins from processed foods and the environment, including the elimination of caffeine and alcohol, to make it easier to lose weight. Phase 1 includes 30 minutes of aerobic exercise.

Foods allowed during phase 1 include:

all fresh fruits in any quantity

all vegetables in any quantity, except white or red potatoes and avocados; vegetables should be raw or lightly cooked (steamed or grilled)

one cup daily of fresh-squeezed—not canned—fruit or vegetable juice

one cup daily of cooked unsweetened oatmeal, grits, farina, or cream of wheat

up to four egg whites daily

any dried beans such as lentils or chickpeas

2 cups daily of cooked brown rice

tofu ( I can not have tofu)

a maximum of two tablespoons per day of tahini (sesame paste)

2 cups daily of low-fat or nonfat milk or soy milk (I can not have the soy milk - but rice or almond milk is a good substitute)

6 oz (170 g) of low-fat yogurt, maximum of 12 oz (340 g) daily

a maximum of two pickles per day

one-two teaspoons of low-fat virgin olive oil for grilling vegetables

low-fat dressing, no more than three tablespoons per salad

herbs and spices

hot-air popcorn without butter or margarine

a maximum of two tablespoons per day of artificial sweetener ( DO NOT EAT ARTIFICIAL SWEETENERS)

2 cups daily of unsweetened decaffeinated herbal or green tea

unlimited water and prayers (O.K. I added the prayers- But make sure you do them :)  

Seems O.K. for 9 days

I'll be in the city for 2 1/2 days....I'm going to miss the boys back at home!

I am really going to try and use my time away to walk a lot and eat good!  I guess I will also catch up on some reading.

Keep drinking water and eat your apples!

20 Products That Will Make You Look Younger--Instantly:

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Cancer Fighting Fruits

(ellagic acid and polyphenols)
Stimulate the elimination of carcinogenic substances & inhibit angiogenesis.  Promotes apoptosis in cancer cells (cell death).


Recommendations for use:  with rice milk and cereal as to not raise level of blood sugar.
In between meals a fruit salad- berries do not set off a glycemic peak in blood.

contains perillyl- studies suggest deprives cancer cells of the protein it need to flourish.  Does well in animals with advance stage breast, prostate, & ovarian caner.
contains phytochemical & isoquercitrin & quercetin that inhibit colon cancer cells.

PLUMS- extracts had a powerful effect against growth of breast cancer

Antiinflammatory flavoniods stimulate the detoxification of carcinogens by the liver.


  Tangeritin & nobiletin (tangerine skin)- penetrate brain cancer cells & facilitate their death by apoptosis & lower their potential for invading neighboring tissue.  Make sure to purchase organic is using skin!

GRAPEFRUIT (if you are on Tamoxifen you can not have grapefruit)

  Limonene (lemon zest) promotes cell death

  Boost white blood cells 
  Fight infections related to cancer
  Ability to stop division of some cancer cells

Recommendations:  Grated citrus fruit skins sprinkled over salad dressings and cereals.  Skin can also be steeped in teat or hot water. 

Have been shown in the lab to keep liver, breast and colon cancer cells at bay

Good source of vitamin A, protects against colorectal cancer

Some of the sugars found in Libyan dates were shown to have potent anti tumor properties

Vitamin C, folic acid & vitamin E have cancer fighting properties.  High fiber can reduce colon cancer risk.

Loads of vitamin C. 
 Enzyme- bromelain helps block cancer related proteins & turns on immune cells and those cells attack cancer cells in animals.  Most effective in lung, ovarian, bowel and breast cancer.

Note :I'm always concerned with Bowel function and Colon Cancer because I've had bowel problems in the past and also I'm at higher risk for colon cancer because of my breast cancer.

Bowel function:  BANANAS and APPLES- full of pectin, which soothes the stomach, and their natural fiber sweeps toxins from the intestinal tract, improves bowl function and lowers the risk of colon cancer.

Colon Cancer: Vitamin C is said to reduce the risk of colon cancer
The American Cancer Society recommends Cantaloupe to protect against colon cancer.  Don't forget pineapple is loaded with vitamin C

Monday, June 21, 2010

I love this Monday

I don't know how or why it happened, but this morning I woke up with the motivation to detox for a couple of days!  I haven't detoxed in years so I don't know how it will actually be.  Now more than ever I need to eat cleaner and better quality food.  Now that I have to eat better- I don't want to.  It just reminds me that I had breast cancer.  That's right I'm assuming I don't have it anymore!

I really wish I knew where this motivation came from.  I have been so consumed with worry and I guess depression that eating was a real challenge.  I am definitely an emotional eater so it's really hard to diet when you are so worried about things.  What am I worried about?  The same things as anyone else in my situation.

So how has it passed?  I don't know it could be any number of things:

Spending time at Relay for Life with one of my favorite survivors Betty and Lucas too.

Medication for the blues....didn't want to take these, but honestly I had to for now.

Spending time with my girlfriend Tammy- who always makes me feel good and laugh.

The sweet note Rob left me on the weekend.

Or maybe it's the prayers!!!

I'm just so happy I had the strength to do it.  

I even managed to make some dinner for Rob and Lucas and not indulge!  For my detox I'm eating fruits and veggies and I'm drinking Cassie's Tea, Green Tea and Water.

Tomorrow I'll post all the good cancer fighting FRUITS! 

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Endless Possibilities

I'm really liking this cardigan!

The endless possibilities with this Sleeveless Cardigan Wrap at Bloomingdale's

Friday, June 18, 2010


My herbs are growing like mad so I needed to come up with some recipes to use them up.
I had a lot of parsley so I made Tabouli- which was not a big hit.  It's too bad because parsley is really good for fighting cancer.  I will have to stick with putting in my smoothie every morning- until I find a better recipe. 

The next herb really going to town was my basil so I cut a bunch and tried a Martha Stewart Pesto Sauce.  

Here it is:

I really liked crushing the garlic with salt and the knife
Toasting Pine Nuts is really quick- I stuck mine under the broiler. 

  This recipe was a big hit and really very simple

Ginnifer Goodwin

So cute in the pixie cut! 

I love that she can wear her hair any length and it looks good! 

Her skin is flawless!
She's makes ya want a pixie- RIGHT? 


Great style

And speaking of flawless skin- Sephora has a nice kit to try a bunch of Sun Safety Products:
 The kit cost $25
I was interested in Murads kit...being I should do no tanning...I at least want to be luminating...

This kit goes for $45