Monday, June 21, 2010

I love this Monday

I don't know how or why it happened, but this morning I woke up with the motivation to detox for a couple of days!  I haven't detoxed in years so I don't know how it will actually be.  Now more than ever I need to eat cleaner and better quality food.  Now that I have to eat better- I don't want to.  It just reminds me that I had breast cancer.  That's right I'm assuming I don't have it anymore!

I really wish I knew where this motivation came from.  I have been so consumed with worry and I guess depression that eating was a real challenge.  I am definitely an emotional eater so it's really hard to diet when you are so worried about things.  What am I worried about?  The same things as anyone else in my situation.

So how has it passed?  I don't know it could be any number of things:

Spending time at Relay for Life with one of my favorite survivors Betty and Lucas too.

Medication for the blues....didn't want to take these, but honestly I had to for now.

Spending time with my girlfriend Tammy- who always makes me feel good and laugh.

The sweet note Rob left me on the weekend.

Or maybe it's the prayers!!!

I'm just so happy I had the strength to do it.  

I even managed to make some dinner for Rob and Lucas and not indulge!  For my detox I'm eating fruits and veggies and I'm drinking Cassie's Tea, Green Tea and Water.

Tomorrow I'll post all the good cancer fighting FRUITS! 


Tammy said...

I am inspired! After the Grande Pizza and the new Asian Buffet I am going to join you in some sort of detox! Good luck my friend!

Sista B said...

Way to go D! I see you coming back full swing now! Maybe it was all the food Sunday - were we expecting an army or something?! Anyways it was great getting together and hearing you laugh.

Oh and I love the cardigan post and all the options. Very cute.

P.S. - You and Nolie are something else!

Love, B

Danielle said...

I love you girls!