Thursday, June 17, 2010

Fight Club

I Am Solider

Got one Life to live
Gotta Live it to the fullest
Life is war...
I can't quit, I've come too far now
I gotta make it through, somehow
No matter how big or how many will fall
It's all ya got when your backs against the wall
I know God's watching over
It feels like the world is on my shoulders
It cold but its gonna get colder
If its war then its war
I'm a soldier

So as hard as it seems you just have to dig deep and get going!
One thing that helps me is music and my song right now to get me moving is I Am Solider by Bishop Lamont (which is the 1st song on my playlist right now)

I also enjoy looking at some strong bodies or bad- guys!  Watching Fight Club isn't bad too- I really like that movie.  Another Movie that gets me running is Run Lola Run - the movie it's self isn't that great, but for some reason it makes me wanna run!

A movie I haven't seen that would probably do me some good- GI JANE.

So I have to get in the Club and Get my Butt moving!


Anonymous said...

You join that club girl, and do that booty pop.
You get going girl.
Can see you in a pixie style!

Danielle said...

LOL.....booty pop pop