Friday, December 30, 2011


Our home is little with a HUGE beating heart!

I know I complain about how small our place is and how cramped I feel- not too mention it's dry as dirt and the heat comes and goes as it pleases----Rob will kill me for saying that.  BUT I do love it.  It's cozy~ it's us.  I have always been a person who could live happily in clutter.  It's just comfy- it makes me feel good.

I realize my son has gotten that from me :(

As I've gotten older and have so much to do- organized and no clutter makes life so much easier!

I love to see other people's places - especially small places.

I recently see an article about a couple living in 500 square feet and it was nice- I loved their place.

Erin and Danny even manage to entertain in there home

I honestly don't know how I would feel in a larger space.  Well I'm sure I could find to love it and fill it......wink wink Rob!

Anyways here's the article over at Apartment Therapy.    

I also stumbled on a little movie over at Zara about Lucy Chadwick and Duffy and there little project away from the city.  There are so many living space options out there.  Here is the clip- I love there loft in the city as well as there place in the woods.

Oh and they have a place in London check it out over at the Selby

I must say decorating our home is fairly easy  ~I will have to post my Christmas pictures.
We are off tomorrow to visit one of my best friends~ I'm so excited to see her and her family. 

Thursday, December 29, 2011


How I love you
How I love you

A Fav Brunette Hair Cut 

I want this hair SO bad!

and the brown hair goes so nice with Brown EyEs!

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Wonderful Boy~ Wonderful Message

This story touched my heart - I haven't had a near death experience, but what he describes is very similar to a dream I had when I was sick.  The feeling of "God" is so hard to describe, but you don't want it to end.  I long for that feeling again.  I really wish I could describe it, but when he spoke of it I knew he felt it too.  It's just the most beautiful feeling ever!

He's such an inspiration:

Ben Breedlove, Teen Tells Heartbreaking Story Week Before Death

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Karmin ~love it~

Take a break from Christmas Music and listen to Karmin :)
pause below

They do many more

I think they are adorable

Oh the suicide roll and red lips....
......makes me want my dark hair back! 

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Kid Gifts

Every year I try to buy one special gift that Lucas didn't ask for.....but it would be something special that he could always have.  As he has gotten older it is much more of a challenge. 

I stumbled on this store and they have real special items you don't find too often.

Acorn Toy Shop
Shop located in Brooklyn NY
I LOVE this!

For the little worker boy


Little Red- Classic

Bedroom Lamp

Ride On Little One

 For baby:
 These toys are not cheap- but they be something different that will be treasured.

What to get my kid who is no longer a kiddie
I miss those days
......teens....that's tough shopping!

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

It seems like I'll never get to decorating....

I'm working on it

At least all my gifts are bought and wrapped


We did sqeeze in a trip to the city
picture taken at the Wired Store

and today is my baby's birthday

how sweet

hmmmm....teens they know A LOT


Thursday, December 8, 2011

Spice up your Christmas with hose

She's still got it!

and how about the Holiday Rush and doing your make-up in the car.................