Tuesday, March 31, 2009


Well I know I wanted the basement room to be beige, gray, ivory, and white, but we also needed an exciting color to accent!!!

I really liked green, orange and yellow. I finally decided that it was only fair to use yellow because I love it so much.

I always love yellow. The other morning I seen this chick and thought she looked cool with her big yellow purse. She looks cool- right? She even has a nice camera! Bet you are wondering how I managed to take this picture- I used my phone and didn't realize how easy it is to take pictures of people. Weird- don't think I'll do it again. So I've finallly given up making coffee every morning and instead have smoothies with the Vita Mixer I borrowed from my mom. BUT I drink my smoothie in the same cup everyday:

YellowI attended a baby shower (it's a girl) and I managed to crochet a little beanie to match the outfit I bought at TJ Maxx:

Big Yellow Flower

I thought about keeping this beanie- I really really liked it. I use directions but then I don't so I always fear I won't be able to make another.

Today it's raining but I feel good so it doesn't bother me as much as when I'm sick. I had one sick day this week and I felt so sad. Rob really helped me feel better. When I talk with my mom she get's a bit upset and then I get more upset. I feel so bad I upset everyone. I'm getting better at mentally dealing with pain. I read there is a gut mind connection so I really mentally try working it out. All I know is when I feel good I enjoy every minute.

The good thing about the rain is my new wellies from ebay:
I really like ebay!

Today Valrie Bertinelli is on Oprah- I really would like to see it. She's an inspiration to me. Every since I was in my 20s- I've always been older than I actually was/is. I will turn 40 next month, but I've been 40 for about 2 years. This is probably because I fear death everyday. Anyways I always look to older women for insight. I am so happy for her to wear a bikini at 48-49 Wow- Right now I won't put one on. BUT there is hope!

A couple before pictures of basement GIRL CAVE

2 cement walls 2 plywood- the walls have been primed so maybe paint this weekend!

I seen this lamp at TJ Maxx and Homegoods. It was actually cheaper at Homegoods- the only reason for this is probably b/c at TJ Maxx they are bad about marking down merchandise.

Friday, March 20, 2009


I love Pin-Ups- and for Christmas I got a book of pin-ups. Last night when I was looking through it, I could see people I know. I do that a lot with books, magazines and catalogs. I see people that remind me a lot of people I know. So I thought it would be cool to post them to my blog.

First up- Mom/ Carroll Baker 1965 - She also reminds me of my cousin Faith.
Pat (my mother-in-law)/ Stella Stevens 1963

Becky (Rob's sis)/ In my book I went with Ann Margret 1965

BUT after seeing Christiane Schmidtmer I was sold- This is Becky if she was a pin-up:
This one is the first one I seen and is so good

Vanessa (my cousin)/ Ann Miller 1945

Gina (Vanessa's sister, my cuz)/ Hedy Lamarr 1938

Kristen (Vanessa and Gina's sister, my cuz)/ Mara Corday 1955
All my relatives believe Kristen looks like Elizabeth Taylor and I see that, but I think she really looks like Mara because of the great eyes! My 3 cousins all have different eyes and they are all beautiful AND brown!

My friend Jen/ Liz Taylor 1960 (attitude and all) lol

Me/ Ann Sheridan 1941 Well I don't have the beauty mark but the cheeks are me.

Sorry about my copyright- I'm getting that removed soon! Thank God

I even seen celebrity that look like pin-ups
The City star Whitney Port/ Julie Newmar 1960
This is Whitney-
This is Julie-

My favorite pin-up: Jayne Mansfield 1957

Jayne is the mother of one of my fav TV actress Mariska Hagerty

I always enjoy Marilyn Monroe and did get a good book on her too. I like her a lot when she was young and more on the dark blonde side.

But here favorite Pin-up was Jean Harlow 1934

So she went blonde
There are so many pin-ups. I hope no one gets offended my their pin-up, they are all beautiful. Maybe this will remind us to let our "pin-up" out once in a while. LOL

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Check out my new flowers!

Aren't these pins awesome? My sweet mother-in-law made them for me! I LOVE THEM! I love them so much I decided they needed to be seen a lot more than just on my chest. I got a ribbon and pinned the 3 flowers she game me and 1 my mother bought and hung it in my office area!
Yellow shoes - FOUND and BOUGHT! My sister-in-law Becky told me about shoes she seen and I went out and bought a pair.

Lucas is so excited for the nice weather - here's a picture from a walk we took:
Look at this pose! LOL Too cute...or I mean tough. I figure the mile walk from our house and 1/2 mile ends up at a house we really like so I took these pics by the house.

Here's me and my sweetheart at one of our nights out.
Rob's been working hard at getting the basement into shape for a TV/Workout room. I think I'll paint the area. I've also been looking around for decorating ideas-

I love the grey with beige and white- I like the color combo in this pic
I'm dying to to do something with car/truck parts! Look what this person did:

Ok there is no way I can make a table, but I will get a car part somewhere in the basement!

I wanted to have a picture in the room that makes the 3 of us happy and I seen this pic of the Beastie Boys:

There's a story behind it. Rob Lucas and I had a fun night listening and actually dancing to the Beastie Boys. This is something I would never picture Rob and Us doing. Lucas and I did that stuff a lot, but when Rob does it's even more funny.

This Picture also makes me smile and a huge one in a family room would be cool.Being that the 3 of us seem to have out grown the house we're in I always look into apartment living ideas and seen this room. I'm looking at the lower room and it looks pretty inexpensive, but fun to hang out in. Also liking the grey and and cream walls.

A couple thing I'd like to get:

BiG PiLLoW- in bright color

White Lamp


Couple deco pillow

TV Stand