Friday, March 20, 2009


I love Pin-Ups- and for Christmas I got a book of pin-ups. Last night when I was looking through it, I could see people I know. I do that a lot with books, magazines and catalogs. I see people that remind me a lot of people I know. So I thought it would be cool to post them to my blog.

First up- Mom/ Carroll Baker 1965 - She also reminds me of my cousin Faith.
Pat (my mother-in-law)/ Stella Stevens 1963

Becky (Rob's sis)/ In my book I went with Ann Margret 1965

BUT after seeing Christiane Schmidtmer I was sold- This is Becky if she was a pin-up:
This one is the first one I seen and is so good

Vanessa (my cousin)/ Ann Miller 1945

Gina (Vanessa's sister, my cuz)/ Hedy Lamarr 1938

Kristen (Vanessa and Gina's sister, my cuz)/ Mara Corday 1955
All my relatives believe Kristen looks like Elizabeth Taylor and I see that, but I think she really looks like Mara because of the great eyes! My 3 cousins all have different eyes and they are all beautiful AND brown!

My friend Jen/ Liz Taylor 1960 (attitude and all) lol

Me/ Ann Sheridan 1941 Well I don't have the beauty mark but the cheeks are me.

Sorry about my copyright- I'm getting that removed soon! Thank God

I even seen celebrity that look like pin-ups
The City star Whitney Port/ Julie Newmar 1960
This is Whitney-
This is Julie-

My favorite pin-up: Jayne Mansfield 1957

Jayne is the mother of one of my fav TV actress Mariska Hagerty

I always enjoy Marilyn Monroe and did get a good book on her too. I like her a lot when she was young and more on the dark blonde side.

But here favorite Pin-up was Jean Harlow 1934

So she went blonde
There are so many pin-ups. I hope no one gets offended my their pin-up, they are all beautiful. Maybe this will remind us to let our "pin-up" out once in a while. LOL

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