Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Check out my new flowers!

Aren't these pins awesome? My sweet mother-in-law made them for me! I LOVE THEM! I love them so much I decided they needed to be seen a lot more than just on my chest. I got a ribbon and pinned the 3 flowers she game me and 1 my mother bought and hung it in my office area!
Yellow shoes - FOUND and BOUGHT! My sister-in-law Becky told me about shoes she seen and I went out and bought a pair.

Lucas is so excited for the nice weather - here's a picture from a walk we took:
Look at this pose! LOL Too cute...or I mean tough. I figure the mile walk from our house and 1/2 mile ends up at a house we really like so I took these pics by the house.

Here's me and my sweetheart at one of our nights out.
Rob's been working hard at getting the basement into shape for a TV/Workout room. I think I'll paint the area. I've also been looking around for decorating ideas-

I love the grey with beige and white- I like the color combo in this pic
I'm dying to to do something with car/truck parts! Look what this person did:

Ok there is no way I can make a table, but I will get a car part somewhere in the basement!

I wanted to have a picture in the room that makes the 3 of us happy and I seen this pic of the Beastie Boys:

There's a story behind it. Rob Lucas and I had a fun night listening and actually dancing to the Beastie Boys. This is something I would never picture Rob and Us doing. Lucas and I did that stuff a lot, but when Rob does it's even more funny.

This Picture also makes me smile and a huge one in a family room would be cool.Being that the 3 of us seem to have out grown the house we're in I always look into apartment living ideas and seen this room. I'm looking at the lower room and it looks pretty inexpensive, but fun to hang out in. Also liking the grey and and cream walls.

A couple thing I'd like to get:

BiG PiLLoW- in bright color

White Lamp


Couple deco pillow

TV Stand

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