Thursday, September 16, 2010

Mary had a little fluff and everywhere Mary went the fluff was sure to follow


I call her fluff

because I stuff her with fluff

That's all I can think about when I think about my fluff (the little thing I stuff my bra with).  That songs goes through my mind as I run around my house asking Rob if he's seen my fluff.  I really am growing to love my new breast...but I do think about accessorizing and taking extra care of it/her whatever you may call it.

Tats (OK I'm not a tattoo type but it's fun to look)
Sometimes I wish I could be that daring....

Stick on Nipples
Who knew there were so many to choose from and that cross dresser shops have some really good ones.

Or the best of both world with no pain, but still something pretty that isn't a fake nipple.  I still have a hard time with the purpose of a fake nipple.  Well it would be nice to have matching sides- so I get that but other than that?

So pasties maybe the better choice for me

Pretty No-Underwire bras
I had no idea how hard it is to find pretty wireless bras- if you find any alert me please!

Scar cream

And here she is over 6 weeks out of radiation

Everything seems to look good.  I have a little discoloring under my breast, but that may go away.  The doctor showed me how to move my implant around as to keep scar tissue from forming and making it hard.  I honestly had no idea it could move so much until he moved it all around.  After all this I'm starting to realize it's mine and it's a part of me!
Oh and I've weened off of zoloft......that's another funny doctor story for another time.

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Anonymous said...

I know this post is really old, but I just found it. I am very glad everything worked out for you. Blessings for you and your family!