Sunday, May 30, 2010

I turned 1 on May 24th

We are so lucky to live a few steps away from a state park! Lucas can even ride his bike there and he did on this beautiful afternoon................

Yes - I had a birthday celebration at the park- it was last minute but it was good. Wasn't sure how I would feel after surgery with a drain in and all.

I've decide I'm gonna get rid of the 4 in my 41 and just think of this Birthday as my re-Birth! New baby hair and all. Gee...maybe I should have a baby shower for myself.LOL

Yes I'm 1 and counting!

Friday, May 28, 2010

Thank you Aunt Nicole

Well since I've been dealing with my breast cancer my sister-in-law has made us dinner 3 times! Everything she has made and brought over we ate all it! Lucas who is super fussy even that's impressive.

This last time she made up spaghetti and meatballs with her home made sauce. The salad was great as well :) We are very lucky to have such great family to help us out. Nicole and my brother have done a lot with helping us out.

It's very hard to get a picture of Nicole without a couple of kids hanging around. My brother and Nicole have 4 great kids with one on the way- and yeah she runs over to my house with food and one time she even made the whole meal in my tiny kitchen!

Here is Nicole with Joey and baby Sam. Those 2 our my godsons and I love them. This picture was taken on Joey's First Holy Communion.

It's so great that my brother and Nicole have decided to raise their children Catholic. Religion has been such a big part of my life and I can't imagine Lucas going through life with out his faith in God. All children need to have faith in God; He can be there for them when we can't. My brother's children are always loud, laughing and cracking jokes.

Here's Joey in his white suite

What a nice Catholic big brother!

Ok- He's still a silly boy

Through my whole cancer experience I met some wonderful people who prayed for me and I know made a difference in my cancer journey. They were not Catholics- they were from other churches and they were so wonderful to take me in and pray for me. I know I speak a lot of being Catholic and that is because I was raised Catholic and I feel God that way. But I have a tremendous amount of respect and love for other religions. I hope to celebrate with some of my new friends one day at their church. I will never forget what they did for me.

I am happy my Joey is on his way to being a religious monster ;)
Joe and Nicole - YOU DID GOOD!

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Summer Love

While on Etsy the other day they featured these items for a wedding and I loved them. It made me think about a wedding I will attending in sweet!
Beautiful Dress-sarahseven
Cake Toppers- redlightstudio
Save the Date- sunshineandravioli
Picture- violetbellaphoto

Paper Birds- timelesspaper

Headpiece- weddingaisle

Photo Sign- thebackporchshop

Hand Mirror- aliceslookingglass

Necklace- mollusa

Little Purse- smallbagbigheart

Necklace- missrubysue

Paper Goods- frippelous

Cute Photo- sarahseven dress

I would love to carry this clutch- molluse (too bad it's in Poland)

This would be me if I had hair- Yes I'd wear a huge pink flower and tell jokes to the bride.

This is more me lately- miserable!
But isn't this yellow dress adorable?
also sarahseven

Oh Honey I do and I'd do it again.....

Saturday, May 22, 2010

We are survivors but WHO is HEALING us?

Here's a little healing story:

I have to write about the last "Thursday Night" healing mass I attended. I was lucky to go with mom who always goes, but also my friend Barbara was there. Barbara is a cancer survivor who has helped me a lot! I love Barbara and I could only hope to one day be as good a follower as her. Barbara is so free to praise the Lord and tell you that she loves you and I envy that. I on the other hand am more reserved. Barbara has attended charismatic masses and I have not. I just really haven't had the opportunity yet.

So anyways I hope I'm getting across what a special person Barb is. Knowing that Barb is praying for me I feel so happy. I could see in her face that she has been touched by God- it's that clear. Well years back Barb had cancer and it was a lot worse than mine and her good friend introduced her to Father G(the priest at Thursday's mass). Father G prayed over Barbara and continued to pray for her and in the end Barbara was free of cancer. It was a long hard road, but she persevered with prayer and every little ounce of strength and Father as well as others prayed for her.

So here we sat Barbara and I at mass with Father G. At one point Father for the 1st time since I've attended this mass starts to say that there is healing going on and then he mentions some things and he asks if anyone would like to claim them. So people would raise their hands and claim healings. At one point I believe one the 1st things he mentioned was the feet. I didn't think anything of it- but Barb nudged me and said "your feet". The last time Barb and I spoke on the phone I mentioned to her that one of the only things I had going on was nueropathy of my feet(my feet felt like they were asleep and some nights they hurt). During my 2 mile walks before I was finished with my 1st mile my feet would go numb. I think I mentioned about my feet before on one of my posts.

So after Barb said that I felt my feet and they still hurt...........and I didn't claim my feet because I'm sort of shy. To myself I thought maybe my feet were being healed and in bed I mentioned it to Rob. My mom during mass also thought of my feet too. Oh and let's not forget this is also the mass that a nun came up to me and said she was drawn to pray for me.

Well the next 2 mile walk I took I could go the whole mile and then some before my feet would go numb and then when they were going numb it wasn't that bad.

As of today I do not have neuropathy in my feet! Praise the Lord.

I only really thought about this because last night at the survivor dinner there was talk of the Lord and also talk of nueropathy. Some women never get rid of the nueropathy and then take medication for it. It made me realize how lucky I am. I almost think God has a sense of pride in his work and in getting that woman to sit at our table God reminded me YES DANIELLE I DID HEAL YOUR FEET.......NOW MAKE SURE YOU USE THEM!

Well I had to post this so I don't forget and also I felt the need to DISH out some more PROOF that PRAYER and the LORD are POWERFUL.

Friday, May 21, 2010

Drinking to Fight Cancer

Well- I'm trying really hard to set up my eating routine and it is going to take some time!
Let's start with cancer fighting drinks:

Filtered Tap through a carbon filter
Reverse Osmosis-BEST
Water with Lemon - great for colon. Have one first thing in the morning!
Also try- thyme, sage, tangerine, or orange rind

RED WINE: (resveratrol) 1 GLASS a DAY :)
Resveratrol- protects healthy cells against aging, It also slows the 3 stages of cancer- development, initiation, promotion and progression by blocking the action of NF-kappa B.

GREEN TEA: (EGCG) 3TIMES A DAY- Breakfast, Lunch and Night Cap
(EGCG-the stuff that reduces the growth of new vessels needed for tumor growth and mets.)
How to prepare- steep for 10 minutes! And Drink with in the HOUR...for *best benefits!
BEST: JAPANESE GREEN TEA (Sencha, Gyokuro, Matcha...)

To make- cut a small piece of ginger (about an inch) and slice it. Steep it in boiling water for 10-15 minutes. Can be drunk Hot or Cold!
Ginger- antiinflammatory- even better than Vit E

Also- I am juicing most mornings! This morning I did a green smoothie....who said GREEN SMOOTHIES CAN"T BE CUTE.......

I'm feeling good.... very sore at times but I'm healing!

Hair is coming back on my head!
My nails really show the progress of health....see the line of renewal?

I got my id card for my implant- just another way to identify me

Things are starting to get a little bit back to normal- Dinner together-
Dinners together are sweeter than ever!

I had such a great trip with my dad last time to NY- we had a great dinner together and it was peaceful and so nice. I hadn't gotten to do that very much with my dad and it was nice.
Mom and I walked yesterday and that was also special.
Last night Rob and I looked at a house together and it was wonderful so be doing something other than cancer...something for our future.
Drove Lucas to school this morning and I was never so happy to be up at 5am to drive him to school like the other parents. I am really learning to treasure every moment. Looking at his blue eyes across the car - it just doesn't get any better than that. God is so good to me.
Tonight we are going to a cancer survivor dinner.... Stinks I have to drag a drain along! I get to see one of my favorite survivors- Betty!
Thanks for all the support and prayers!