Saturday, May 22, 2010

We are survivors but WHO is HEALING us?

Here's a little healing story:

I have to write about the last "Thursday Night" healing mass I attended. I was lucky to go with mom who always goes, but also my friend Barbara was there. Barbara is a cancer survivor who has helped me a lot! I love Barbara and I could only hope to one day be as good a follower as her. Barbara is so free to praise the Lord and tell you that she loves you and I envy that. I on the other hand am more reserved. Barbara has attended charismatic masses and I have not. I just really haven't had the opportunity yet.

So anyways I hope I'm getting across what a special person Barb is. Knowing that Barb is praying for me I feel so happy. I could see in her face that she has been touched by God- it's that clear. Well years back Barb had cancer and it was a lot worse than mine and her good friend introduced her to Father G(the priest at Thursday's mass). Father G prayed over Barbara and continued to pray for her and in the end Barbara was free of cancer. It was a long hard road, but she persevered with prayer and every little ounce of strength and Father as well as others prayed for her.

So here we sat Barbara and I at mass with Father G. At one point Father for the 1st time since I've attended this mass starts to say that there is healing going on and then he mentions some things and he asks if anyone would like to claim them. So people would raise their hands and claim healings. At one point I believe one the 1st things he mentioned was the feet. I didn't think anything of it- but Barb nudged me and said "your feet". The last time Barb and I spoke on the phone I mentioned to her that one of the only things I had going on was nueropathy of my feet(my feet felt like they were asleep and some nights they hurt). During my 2 mile walks before I was finished with my 1st mile my feet would go numb. I think I mentioned about my feet before on one of my posts.

So after Barb said that I felt my feet and they still hurt...........and I didn't claim my feet because I'm sort of shy. To myself I thought maybe my feet were being healed and in bed I mentioned it to Rob. My mom during mass also thought of my feet too. Oh and let's not forget this is also the mass that a nun came up to me and said she was drawn to pray for me.

Well the next 2 mile walk I took I could go the whole mile and then some before my feet would go numb and then when they were going numb it wasn't that bad.

As of today I do not have neuropathy in my feet! Praise the Lord.

I only really thought about this because last night at the survivor dinner there was talk of the Lord and also talk of nueropathy. Some women never get rid of the nueropathy and then take medication for it. It made me realize how lucky I am. I almost think God has a sense of pride in his work and in getting that woman to sit at our table God reminded me YES DANIELLE I DID HEAL YOUR FEET.......NOW MAKE SURE YOU USE THEM!

Well I had to post this so I don't forget and also I felt the need to DISH out some more PROOF that PRAYER and the LORD are POWERFUL.

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Annie said...

so inspirational. I'm learning so much through reading about your journey. I guess we always think we have a handle on appreciation, until we read a story like yours and realize that the little things (your son's blue eyes) are the things we really should be paying attention to. Thanks for that gentle reminder.
I haven't forgotten about your honey question.. I'll get to it on my blog. I did want to let you know about essential oils- we use them ALL the time and they are wonderful. We have nipped so many illnesses in the bud. Be careful what you use- I recommend Young Living- it's theraputic grade, ingestable and PURE. Much better than you can find in the health food store. I'd love to give you more info- without being too "salesy". I'm a firm believer and so is my hub. You can put essential oil in caplets and take it as a supplement. We use lemon oil in water- peppermint is also very good in the water. I even put it in the doggy water to help with digestion and fresh breath. My little guy Cooper slept through the night at 5 weeks (and he was- and still is- exclusively breastfeeding) and I swear it was because of an oil called "Peace and Calming" that I used on his little feet at his last feeding. If you would like more info- let me know. You can visit the website I promise you will not be disappointed.
I also have a great recipe for a homemade cleaner (I call it "Greener Cleaner" that I can share if you are interested as well).
Be well Danielle.
Love and Light to you.