Thursday, February 26, 2009

BLACKandWHITE OutofSight

WHite HoUse BlAck MaRkEt:

Here's 2 Items good to have in your transitional wardrobe collection.

Still no sale on dresses!

Lately I'm so into black and white. New spring color will be here soon!
PiNk is the IT color- check it out:
The Today Show 2.26.09

Friends don't make friends try their jeans on!

So I was visiting with a friend who told me about a pair of True Religion jeans at TJMaxx for like $20. BUT that wasn't even the best part, the best part was that they were a 25!!!!!!!!!!

So I was jealous I mean happy for her, but then she insisted I try them on. WHAT. I know I haven't seen 25 in a while, but being a decent friend I entertained her. Couldn't get them over my behind! I could have died, but my friend felt great I'm sure. Will jeans ever be my friend again?
I am really glad for my friend she deserves it.

What else has been going on.

Lucas is talking to little girls on IM and that's crazy. I'm so glad I'm not a 12yr old boy trying to figure out 12yr old girls. These girls are either cute little stick figures or 18yr old looking. I took Lucas to roller skate and I swear some of the girls were laughing b/c I was there. I would have loved to set them straight if they weren't taller than me. Something about looking up at someone you are giving a talking to.

Other than that not a lot going on. I did try this money saving tip. Taking a birthday card and turning it into a Birthday postcard.

Here's a card Lucas rec'd on his birthday:
I was speaking to a friend on the phone and realized I forgot her birthday so I cut the card and turned it into a postcard. I actually think it's a great idea to use old birthday cards. I always feel bad to throw them away and usually don't.
I finished my 1st week of my team challenge and it was a slow start for me. I am so sick of the weather and everything lately. It's that time of year. My weight hasn't moved a ounce. I have been watching my portions, but nothing. I really need to exercise more. I miss my old basement with the the treadmill and stuff. I liked working out at my old house. We are working on getting the basement somewhat set up so I can do my exercises. There is a cool yoga show on Wednesday morning on Oxygen channel; the instructor plays great music. I watch it ever Wednesday morning. Yoga is very hard for me b/c I'm so out of shape.
NO yellow shoes. Target has some great spring shoes. I did get a pair of converse sneakers. They are the real thing converse, not Jcrew's idea of converse.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Valentines Day did not go as planned : (

It was a lot of fun anyways.

1st Friday night we found out someone in our house gained a few and their jeans don't fit. So DIET is in effect for 2 in our house.

Cupcakes had to get scrapped along with breakfast of champions.

So Friday night I was out and about and had a stomach issue- BAD. So I immediately worried about making the hanging hearts. I ended up buying heart dollies so that I could at least hang those. Joanne Fabric is so good with sales on holiday stuff so it was too bad. I also picked up my favorite- GLUE Dots. I love glue dots. I'm also really enjoying invisible thread; which I learned about on Martha. That stuff can be so fun. You could really do some fun tricks with that stuff.

So they came out ok- but Rob wondered why I put them in his closet? Yeah- I thought it was so obvious. Because they were just for him! I mean Lucas didn't even know they were in there. I must be easily amused. What was funny is that last night before bed Rob got scared when he open his closet.

The best part of the holiday for me was my clues leading up to my Vday gift which ended up being a promised trip to NYC (my favorite).

I had gotten Rob a few things, but his favorite part had to be the SURPRISE pantry re-do. I think he almost Then I informed him I found a bag of rolled quarters and he was really excited.

Before Picture:


I had a couple of things I really like about the New pantry- these blue bins. I had seen on some website where you can have containers of some sort and have a nights meal items ready for someone (man or child) to get out and prep for dinner. That way I would stick to my weekly menu as well.
The other thing I like was hanging up my apron (made of ties) and hanging my coupon and note book for grocery shopping.

Lastly- my post card from . They sent it with a recipe on the back.
Weight a minute- I almost forgot!

I'm still at 120! Joined the Y and this week I started Team Challenge there. We are in a team and we compete with others! Right now I've been walking when I go and also using the stair machine.

Saturday, February 14, 2009


Isn't this sweet? One morning before I left for work this was on my bed: Rob is so sweet! I asked him how he thought to do that and he reminded me that on our honeymoon the maid always left towel art on our bed. Little gestures mean the most.
I miss my honeymoon!
I love my valentines ROB and LUCAS!

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Time to get ready for Valentine's Day

Well I seen these on Martha and thought they were cute. I may do something similar but with tissue paper and then I will hang them in Rob's closet!

I'm trying to get ready for Vday! I'm making sure my skin is super soft! This can be a challenge when you have feet that can cut!!!! My mother turned me onto this: After the shower wipe your feet with Stridex pads and then apply Eucerin lotion. It is actually working. I'm totally in love with almond oil for the rest of my body- the secret is when you apply it. When I'm finished showering (before drying off) I wipe off excess water with my bare hands, then I apply the almond oil. After that I dry off like normal and the oil actually keeps in the moisture from the shower. It also helps to exfoliate with a scrubby when I shower.

Check these cupcakes out! I would love to make them for Rob and Lucas . I'm also planning on having flowers on our kitchen table for Vday breakfast.

I really hope I can pull off a good valentine's day being it's the first one of our marriage- PLUS it's on a Saturday which is everyone's ANNIVERSARY DAY- Maybe everyone should wake-up like we did on our WEDDING DAY!!!!

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Shoes, Dress, Weight

I still can't find yellow shoes I like............

BUT I found a pair of shoes everyone should own:

I Love these shoes! They would look great with a simple black dress, dress pants, jeans. I love them! They are HOT! No I didn't buy them. They are Carlos Santana and they cost 90.00. There is no way these shoes could look bad.

Speaking of things you/I should buy this dress on White House Black Market. Classic.

I think these will be big in the spring. I always loved khakis with these- Classic.

I noticed on Bobbie Brown website she is showing blush cheeks with sparkle shadows layered onto top of other shades. I may try it with what I already got at home.

Weigh In

119- I'm totally sucking out on working out! Core Rhythm is hard and a little awkward to do in front of anyone. Lucas closed our curtains when I was working out in the living room.

Today I will be joining the YMCA with Lucas. It's not cheap, but I can take Lucas with me and he can work out as well. They just created a fitness room just for kids. It has actual resistance equipment, Wii, and Dance Revolution. Another nice thing is Lucas can shoot hoops there while I walk the track.

My PLAN is to start going 2-3 times a week. This will take some planning with meals and stuff. Plan is such a big word. I should say plan and by the grace of God.

Now all I need is motivation! Why is it sometimes I have some and other times I don't? It's like I have to picture myself at an event or post pictures of half naked women around my house(which as a single isn't bad, not something I want to do with a husband walking around- it's bad enough I feel like a slump don't need him looking at hot women to top it off). I do have a wedding coming up in September and here's a pic:

Yeah right

I have to include my favorite motivating WOMAN

Cindy Crawford

And I thought I was having a WEIGHT ISSUE:

See it happens to the best of us! At least we don't have our pic all over a magazine in the grocery store. That sucks! And to be honest- What the heck is really wrong with her weight? geesh

My wonderful sister-in-law Becky sent me this link to find my happy weight and it was exciting to see it's 111. I continue to want to be 106- why?

So if I make it to 111 I think I will make an effort to be happy with it. We are all probably trying to be at a weight that is not logical. So if we come up with a number that isn't possible we'll never be happy and that SUCKS.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Monkey Bread

Lucas has just finished his Home and Careers class in middle school and it will be missed. The best part is Lucas coming home with recipes. One night Lucas made dessert and it was yummy.

You'll need a package of Grands Biscuits (about 10 biscuits)
(you can get better directions on Pillsbury's website I'm sure)

Cut them in half and then half again (4pcs each biscuit)

Prepare a mixture of sugar and cinnamon- mostly sugar with a little cinnamon

Dip the pieces in the sugar mixture so they are well coated

Start filling a pie pan with the pieces

Melt butter in microwave and pour over top
(most recipes have brown sugar with the butter)

We didn't and they were still good

It will look like this when you put it in a 350degree oven for some 20minutes until golden brown and no longer raw on the inside.

Ta Da

It was so warm and delicious right out of the oven.
I ate way too much!
That same night Karl got to try on his 1st pair of pjs

They are the cutest pjs- they have sleeping dogs on them and cover his back legs as well as the front ones.