Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Valentines Day did not go as planned : (

It was a lot of fun anyways.

1st Friday night we found out someone in our house gained a few and their jeans don't fit. So DIET is in effect for 2 in our house.

Cupcakes had to get scrapped along with breakfast of champions.

So Friday night I was out and about and had a stomach issue- BAD. So I immediately worried about making the hanging hearts. I ended up buying heart dollies so that I could at least hang those. Joanne Fabric is so good with sales on holiday stuff so it was too bad. I also picked up my favorite- GLUE Dots. I love glue dots. I'm also really enjoying invisible thread; which I learned about on Martha. That stuff can be so fun. You could really do some fun tricks with that stuff.

So they came out ok- but Rob wondered why I put them in his closet? Yeah- I thought it was so obvious. Because they were just for him! I mean Lucas didn't even know they were in there. I must be easily amused. What was funny is that last night before bed Rob got scared when he open his closet.

The best part of the holiday for me was my clues leading up to my Vday gift which ended up being a promised trip to NYC (my favorite).

I had gotten Rob a few things, but his favorite part had to be the SURPRISE pantry re-do. I think he almost cried...lol Then I informed him I found a bag of rolled quarters and he was really excited.

Before Picture:


I had a couple of things I really like about the New pantry- these blue bins. I had seen on some website where you can have containers of some sort and have a nights meal items ready for someone (man or child) to get out and prep for dinner. That way I would stick to my weekly menu as well.
The other thing I like was hanging up my apron (made of ties) and hanging my coupon and note book for grocery shopping.

Lastly- my post card from http://www.discoverbarilla.com/ . They sent it with a recipe on the back.
Weight a minute- I almost forgot!

I'm still at 120! Joined the Y and this week I started Team Challenge there. We are in a team and we compete with others! Right now I've been walking when I go and also using the stair machine.

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