Thursday, February 12, 2009

Time to get ready for Valentine's Day

Well I seen these on Martha and thought they were cute. I may do something similar but with tissue paper and then I will hang them in Rob's closet!

I'm trying to get ready for Vday! I'm making sure my skin is super soft! This can be a challenge when you have feet that can cut!!!! My mother turned me onto this: After the shower wipe your feet with Stridex pads and then apply Eucerin lotion. It is actually working. I'm totally in love with almond oil for the rest of my body- the secret is when you apply it. When I'm finished showering (before drying off) I wipe off excess water with my bare hands, then I apply the almond oil. After that I dry off like normal and the oil actually keeps in the moisture from the shower. It also helps to exfoliate with a scrubby when I shower.

Check these cupcakes out! I would love to make them for Rob and Lucas . I'm also planning on having flowers on our kitchen table for Vday breakfast.

I really hope I can pull off a good valentine's day being it's the first one of our marriage- PLUS it's on a Saturday which is everyone's ANNIVERSARY DAY- Maybe everyone should wake-up like we did on our WEDDING DAY!!!!

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