Thursday, February 5, 2009

Shoes, Dress, Weight

I still can't find yellow shoes I like............

BUT I found a pair of shoes everyone should own:

I Love these shoes! They would look great with a simple black dress, dress pants, jeans. I love them! They are HOT! No I didn't buy them. They are Carlos Santana and they cost 90.00. There is no way these shoes could look bad.

Speaking of things you/I should buy this dress on White House Black Market. Classic.

I think these will be big in the spring. I always loved khakis with these- Classic.

I noticed on Bobbie Brown website she is showing blush cheeks with sparkle shadows layered onto top of other shades. I may try it with what I already got at home.

Weigh In

119- I'm totally sucking out on working out! Core Rhythm is hard and a little awkward to do in front of anyone. Lucas closed our curtains when I was working out in the living room.

Today I will be joining the YMCA with Lucas. It's not cheap, but I can take Lucas with me and he can work out as well. They just created a fitness room just for kids. It has actual resistance equipment, Wii, and Dance Revolution. Another nice thing is Lucas can shoot hoops there while I walk the track.

My PLAN is to start going 2-3 times a week. This will take some planning with meals and stuff. Plan is such a big word. I should say plan and by the grace of God.

Now all I need is motivation! Why is it sometimes I have some and other times I don't? It's like I have to picture myself at an event or post pictures of half naked women around my house(which as a single isn't bad, not something I want to do with a husband walking around- it's bad enough I feel like a slump don't need him looking at hot women to top it off). I do have a wedding coming up in September and here's a pic:

Yeah right

I have to include my favorite motivating WOMAN

Cindy Crawford

And I thought I was having a WEIGHT ISSUE:

See it happens to the best of us! At least we don't have our pic all over a magazine in the grocery store. That sucks! And to be honest- What the heck is really wrong with her weight? geesh

My wonderful sister-in-law Becky sent me this link to find my happy weight and it was exciting to see it's 111. I continue to want to be 106- why?

So if I make it to 111 I think I will make an effort to be happy with it. We are all probably trying to be at a weight that is not logical. So if we come up with a number that isn't possible we'll never be happy and that SUCKS.

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