Thursday, February 26, 2009

Friends don't make friends try their jeans on!

So I was visiting with a friend who told me about a pair of True Religion jeans at TJMaxx for like $20. BUT that wasn't even the best part, the best part was that they were a 25!!!!!!!!!!

So I was jealous I mean happy for her, but then she insisted I try them on. WHAT. I know I haven't seen 25 in a while, but being a decent friend I entertained her. Couldn't get them over my behind! I could have died, but my friend felt great I'm sure. Will jeans ever be my friend again?
I am really glad for my friend she deserves it.

What else has been going on.

Lucas is talking to little girls on IM and that's crazy. I'm so glad I'm not a 12yr old boy trying to figure out 12yr old girls. These girls are either cute little stick figures or 18yr old looking. I took Lucas to roller skate and I swear some of the girls were laughing b/c I was there. I would have loved to set them straight if they weren't taller than me. Something about looking up at someone you are giving a talking to.

Other than that not a lot going on. I did try this money saving tip. Taking a birthday card and turning it into a Birthday postcard.

Here's a card Lucas rec'd on his birthday:
I was speaking to a friend on the phone and realized I forgot her birthday so I cut the card and turned it into a postcard. I actually think it's a great idea to use old birthday cards. I always feel bad to throw them away and usually don't.
I finished my 1st week of my team challenge and it was a slow start for me. I am so sick of the weather and everything lately. It's that time of year. My weight hasn't moved a ounce. I have been watching my portions, but nothing. I really need to exercise more. I miss my old basement with the the treadmill and stuff. I liked working out at my old house. We are working on getting the basement somewhat set up so I can do my exercises. There is a cool yoga show on Wednesday morning on Oxygen channel; the instructor plays great music. I watch it ever Wednesday morning. Yoga is very hard for me b/c I'm so out of shape.
NO yellow shoes. Target has some great spring shoes. I did get a pair of converse sneakers. They are the real thing converse, not Jcrew's idea of converse.

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