Thursday, February 28, 2013


I fell in love with this goat creature- it's like he was looking right at me.  :)
Well you go to NYC and something very sneaky happens to you
Even if you are not an inspiration junkie- It's happens to you and you may not even realize it.
I walked a lot when I was in the city, because that's the best way to window shop, and relieve stress before going to my doctor appointment.  I snapped a couple of pictures on my travels and realized that I was inspired by some things I seen.
This was the incredible view of the Hudson River from our 29th floor suite at Trump SoHo!
SoHo- stands for South of the Hudson.
The water is so beautiful and blue and I love it with all the grays and beige- it made me appreciate all the blue denim and beige I seen when browsing in Zara's 5th Avenue shop.
I loved this scarf- but boy was it pricey!
Notice the shoes with the it!

and seeing all the black pumps with boyfriend jeans made me LOVE the look of boyfriend jeans with black pumps
I only made 1 clothing purchase and it was this one
As you know shopping on 5th Avenue can be just not something you want to do, but getting inspired is free and you can always create your own similar look for a price you feel comfy with.
like this out fit for example
Here's what I found similar- to try and recreate the look: 
Sweater Target

 Shoes Target- have these- LOVE them!
Shirt Forever21

I love this statue at Grand Army Plaza
                    Here at 59th Street and Fifth Avenue are the Pulitzer Fountain and the Golden statue of William Tecumseh Sherman who was a United States general in the American Civil War
Gold statue and green grass may have been my inspiration and thirst for Gold shoes and this Green army-like button jacket!
I also love this jacket from Kmart

with these adorable shoes - also Kmart
And after seeing the beautiful flowers you can see either in your hotel or on a street corner you just can't help but love and crave the bright colors of summer to come!!
 Also loving these shorts- Kmart

with these shoes from Aldo
Just walking around Anthropologie get's the juices flowing to create something fun for Spring.

I just love window shopping in NYC!!
I stayed right near Rockefeller Center so I was right around the corner from 5th Avenue
How cute are these?

I wish Rob would wear these shoes.
And how about this men's lapel pin- an Anchor- I LOVE IT!!!
Ted Baker London

And the most peaceful place- I was so blessed to stop there after my appointment and it was amazing!
On this trip I had stayed with Rob at the Jewel right near Rockefeller Center and right around the corner from 5th Avenue.  I could see St. Patrick's Cathedral from my room window!!!  It was a great little hotel to stay at!!!
 I was so happy to attend Sunday mass at St. Patrick's Church
And it was a great appointment with my doctor and good blood work numbers!

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

White Teeth go great with Bold Lips!

I love to whiten my teeth and these are a couple of products I've tried.  The Arm & Hammer Whitening Booster is something you can use every day - 2x a day and it brightens your teeth gradually.  I originally bought this for Lucas and Rob because they just aren't that into whitening their teeth so the process has to be easy.  This product you just add to your tooth brush with your regular tooth paste.  That's easy enough for anyone.

I myself was excited to try Luster which I got at Walgreen's when I had a coupon.  This is a bit of a process to use, but it does get you results within 1 hour.  You will have to process through the process a few times with using the light, but I manage to do other things while waiting for the light to go off.  Luster also comes with a little tooth color chart so you can see the changes in your tooth color.

I also like the Smile pen I got at Kmart.  It's an "As Seen On TV" product 

This is SUPER easy because you can just apply it at bed time.  These are also nice if you are traveling and say your drinking down the red wine- you may want to whiten things up on the go and these pens are great for that.  The one thing I think that makes a different when applying a whitener like this or even Crest strips is to dry your teeth off with a tissue before you actually apply the product.  I think you get a little better result.

I have in the past used Crest Strips and I think they are still the best.  But if I'm short on time- Luster does the job quicker.

Also if you don't want to purchase a whitener there is also HOMEMADE whiteners.  Check out the ONE Dr. Oz recommends!  You can easily make your own whitener with stuff you have right in your home!  I've heard great things about homemade teeth whitening.

Monday, February 18, 2013

Bright Bold Lips

I can't get enough of bold lips and Maybelline 

I believe this is Fushia Flash

If you want to try a bright bold these are REALLY nice.

I love the Shocking Coral, Hot Plum, and Fushia Flash!

Get some tips here:

Or check out this video:

Check out this pretty pink
Fashion Bomb Daily

Friday, February 15, 2013

Someone went dress shopping

So which one is a keeper???

 I love this one because it really makes your waist look little
It's so cute! 
I love the cut of this dress- it's classic and the red is really pretty!

I especially love the neckline 

 Next we are on to a more casual dress - it would be perfect for a concert

I'm so glad on Vday I remembered to wear my heart necklace from a good friend

I guess you can guess what sort of concert by my shoes

Sometimes I weary of dresses like this because of my foob, but this actually fits nice with no insert.  You can't tell from the picture, but you can see a darkened area over my right breast where I have a sunken in area.

I love all these dresses and what's more exciting is that I didn't go shopping.....Rob did.  He wanted to get me a red dress for Valentine's Day and couldn't decide which one so he bought all there for me to decide.  What a great Valentine's Day present!!!

All my dresses were from JCP and my shoes are from Target.  Boots are old from TJMaxx.

A couple other pics from Vday!

Flowers from my boy- The colors are so beautiful- He knows I love yellow!

From my mom- I LOVE when I get one of these!!!
Rob and I managed to drink a whole bottle of Italian Sparkling Wine- So I got good use of my glass!

For my little guy!

 I even did my nailz

These candies are so YUMMY
you can get them at CVS or Walgreens
And I wore my Favorite new heart earrings!!!