Wednesday, February 20, 2013

White Teeth go great with Bold Lips!

I love to whiten my teeth and these are a couple of products I've tried.  The Arm & Hammer Whitening Booster is something you can use every day - 2x a day and it brightens your teeth gradually.  I originally bought this for Lucas and Rob because they just aren't that into whitening their teeth so the process has to be easy.  This product you just add to your tooth brush with your regular tooth paste.  That's easy enough for anyone.

I myself was excited to try Luster which I got at Walgreen's when I had a coupon.  This is a bit of a process to use, but it does get you results within 1 hour.  You will have to process through the process a few times with using the light, but I manage to do other things while waiting for the light to go off.  Luster also comes with a little tooth color chart so you can see the changes in your tooth color.

I also like the Smile pen I got at Kmart.  It's an "As Seen On TV" product 

This is SUPER easy because you can just apply it at bed time.  These are also nice if you are traveling and say your drinking down the red wine- you may want to whiten things up on the go and these pens are great for that.  The one thing I think that makes a different when applying a whitener like this or even Crest strips is to dry your teeth off with a tissue before you actually apply the product.  I think you get a little better result.

I have in the past used Crest Strips and I think they are still the best.  But if I'm short on time- Luster does the job quicker.

Also if you don't want to purchase a whitener there is also HOMEMADE whiteners.  Check out the ONE Dr. Oz recommends!  You can easily make your own whitener with stuff you have right in your home!  I've heard great things about homemade teeth whitening.

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