Monday, February 4, 2013

The Light That Shines- story

Well I haven't blogged in a while and I do miss it at times......
I have had some issues with my mind games and cancer- when I'm sick it gets a little worse- because I usually think of crap that could be going on.  I'm my 6 month appointment is fast approaching and that's always a worry for me.

BUT then I stumbled on this documentary and I couldn't be more inspired to continue to grow-up and realize how very special life is and how many opportunities I have to maybe help someone, raise a man, have fun with husband, shop with my mom, eat with my dad and enjoy all my wonderful girlfriends. 

It's so easy to get down on things like back fat, thunder thighs, wrinkles, bad hair, and so on and so on!  I've gotten to spend a lot of time with women in my life and there is aways something someone wishes they could change about their appearance.  And the things we can change that we don't well HELL that just leads us to a big old guilt trip!  Sometimes I hear a friend say something about something they view as a flaw and are unhappy with it and I feel so bad- not because I see that flaw, but because I don't.  We are so much more than any physical difference or what some call flaws.

We are not our flaws or scars and if we are then there is something very wrong and we need to fix that.  I'm so far from perfect and my body has some major stuff going on, but when that stuff starts to take front and center I too have to remember who and what I am.  Not any one part of me not even my scars make or brake me!  Everything God continues to bless me with makes me whole and that makes me beautiful.

Now watch this beautiful girl and LEARN!  Everything she speaks of is so spot on.....her story is pretty much how our journey goes........I could relate to so much of her story.

'The Light That Shines' a story for all from on Vimeo.

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Amy D said...

Love ya girl- hope you are feeling better!!! XXX