Friday, February 15, 2013

Someone went dress shopping

So which one is a keeper???

 I love this one because it really makes your waist look little
It's so cute! 
I love the cut of this dress- it's classic and the red is really pretty!

I especially love the neckline 

 Next we are on to a more casual dress - it would be perfect for a concert

I'm so glad on Vday I remembered to wear my heart necklace from a good friend

I guess you can guess what sort of concert by my shoes

Sometimes I weary of dresses like this because of my foob, but this actually fits nice with no insert.  You can't tell from the picture, but you can see a darkened area over my right breast where I have a sunken in area.

I love all these dresses and what's more exciting is that I didn't go shopping.....Rob did.  He wanted to get me a red dress for Valentine's Day and couldn't decide which one so he bought all there for me to decide.  What a great Valentine's Day present!!!

All my dresses were from JCP and my shoes are from Target.  Boots are old from TJMaxx.

A couple other pics from Vday!

Flowers from my boy- The colors are so beautiful- He knows I love yellow!

From my mom- I LOVE when I get one of these!!!
Rob and I managed to drink a whole bottle of Italian Sparkling Wine- So I got good use of my glass!

For my little guy!

 I even did my nailz

These candies are so YUMMY
you can get them at CVS or Walgreens
And I wore my Favorite new heart earrings!!!

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