Wednesday, February 6, 2013

To Build A Home

And so it begins we start to plan our home.  The whole process seems a bit overwhelming to me and I don't know even half of what is really going on.  I'm so thankful Rob is so knowledgeable about everything - I sometimes feel bad because he will run into something that needs fixing and I really can't be much help.  I think a lot of it comes natural for Rob so it's interesting to watch.

We have met with our architect and that went well.  I have to make some decisions concerning the kitchen and of coarse Rob has to help me with that.  We will be shopping around for what it is we like and what I feel I need :)

I tend to like everything so I'm really trying to figure out 1st the flow of the house and then the style we are going for inside.  I think we have the same taste.

Rob pretty much picked the style of the house- I just told him the things I would like our home to have.

I never thought I would actually build a house with someone, but I'm sure happy to build this home with Rob!

So I will be thinking a lot about kitchens.  It's so very nice to have bloggers like this ONE who share their experiences!

This whole thing isn't about a house it's about us having a home- a place we created to make many memories of being outside, having family and friends over for good food, celebrating every blessing and crying every tear.  A place to escape from everything when needed and a place that is welcoming to everyone we love and cherish.  I imagine many good times being had.

The first night I lay my head on my pillow and will give thanks to God and tell Rob I love him and it will awesome.

I would say finally, but it almost seems perfect to have gone through some crappy stuff before now.  Like a chapter in a book you just can't wait to get through- It's now time to turn the page to the next chapter!!!


Amy D said...

Wow I have been out of the loop on your blob! YOu have a lot of posts I missed!!! How exciting to have the design and build underway. We are excited for you guys and can't wait to see the outcome. This is what I love about talk about being excited about the home build and design BUT you express your joy for the blessings, and memories to be made there and what has come up to this point. You are such a wonderful person!!!

Danielle said...

aw thanks Amy!