Monday, December 31, 2012

A couple crafts and something I love right now!

I made these snowman ornaments when my nephews and niece came over for a sleep over.  This craft was SUPER SIMPLE and there was no gluing!
check out youtube for a video on this craft

For my friends like my Pilates instructor I had wanted to make pillow spray.  But when I got sick it was canceled till next year.  It's another SUPER SIMPLE craft.
I guess I'll test out the one that I did make.

All you need is water, alcohol and oil scent of your choice.

Last for New Year's Eve I wanted a sparkle barrette - I found this barrette at Target and did a little hot gluing....

I made this necklace for my mom
I originally found this vintage pendant and fell in love with it- so I bought it and created my own beaded necklaces for it.  I counted out the blue beads in the small necklace so that they were in 12s, 13s, and 24s divided by a small gold bead- just a couple of very special numbers.


and onto a couple of lip items I'm digging right now~
In the winter my normal chap sticks aren't cutting it so I found this at Bath and Body Works and it's great!

They also have a night time one I use before bed!

And no matter how chapped my lips get I still wanna wear lipstick and these are awesome..
Revlon Colorburst LipButter- they are super moisturizing and have great color payoff.  If you want an everyday color that makes your teeth look nice and white you should try #001 Pink Truffle- it's great and would probably look good on anyone.  I know in the picture it looks dark, but it a great pinky/brown color.
You can find these lipsticks at any drugstore- but they are cheapest at Walmart or Target.

Saturday, December 29, 2012

Well - it's been a while.

Right before Christmas I got the worst flu ever!!!  I also gave it to Lucas and we spent a week together in our house- sick!

I was doing so good organizing my Christmas stuff then I got sick and everything sort of fell apart.  I was so sad to not get my Christmas cards out in time and hadn't decorated the tree.  Thanks to Rob a lot of stuff got done I was just unable to do!  And Thank God for my mama who fed us.

So it's Friday after the Holiday and I'm back on the scale and ready to resume my fitness stuff after a long break.  The only good thing about the flu was that I didn't gain weight!

I'm trying to keep my fluids up as I still don't feel 100%.  I love my new LifeFactory bottle!

I'm gathering a couple of recipes together for a party I have tomorrow night

I'm debating on wearing this to the party?

The New Year is almost here and I'm working on setting some goals for myself!! 

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Getting ready for Christmas the organized way....and Christmas Spirit!

Going to the Christmas Tea with mom was so nice and really helped me get into the Christmas Spirit!
They served this yummy cocktail they called a Poinsettia
They said it was champagne mixed with CranRaspberry juice and they put 2 raspberries in every one's glass.

Well in trying to prepare for Christmas in the organized way I tend to get a little snippy, but I do try and correct myself.  I think with getting our house more organized it will in the end save time and grief.  In doing all this stuff around my house my workouts have suffered, but honestly I have to just finish this before I can relax and enjoy my workouts.  I have to let go of all the guilt feels for now and just know I'll be back at it next week soon!!

here's a quick

Is it possible we get a Christmas gift every day it's just a matter of opening it?
Life can seem so difficult and it's hard for all of us- but look how far we've come!  We have made major accomplishments whether it's been raising a child, caring for a pet, battling an addiction, leaving bad people behind, helped with homework, donated time and money- we did stuff! 
No matter how small.

A couple of nights I've been a brat like I said- mostly feeling sorry for myself- missing my old body- but look how far I've come
This was such a hard time for me, but it was only by one day at a time and the support of all my family and friends that I made it to today.
.......but life is a continual journey and this was just one of my many stops.
I have so much more to grow!
I hope I always remember to love everyone as the special gift they are. 
The day of Lucas' surprise party I was running around like mad doing errands and I had major problems arise- but I ran into my mom at Walmart and thank goodness as I had a major dilemma there.  So anyways I was rushing rushing and my mom called to check on me after we had said our good byes and she said to me, "Did you hear that guy singing at the front door?"  
Well I did see and hear him- but I was so rushed I didn't enjoy it.
My mom went on to say what a wonderful voice he had and she was so right.
It made me stop and think that I need to slow down and really enjoy gifts that are given to me everyday that I take for granted.  He did have an awesome voice and what a great treat after having to deal with busy Walmart!
This gift I didn't miss- An 82 year old woman at the grocery store:

She asks me:
What do you call a fake noodle?
I don't know
An Impasta
She was definitely a gift that day in the grocery line.   She was so cute and so happy despite the very spacey cashier.  She told me another joke, but it was a bit dirty so I'll keep it to myself.  
I have so much more to grow!

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Well I thought I did a video clip of my Christmas stuff, but I stink at it!!!
So just a few peeks at my prep for Christmas

Monday, December 10, 2012

Bang Bang

Every so many years I get a craving more bangs...............

Do you???
Do you know how to get them without a haircut?

Tomorrow I'll try and post some of my holiday prep :)

Thursday, December 6, 2012

I get by with a little help from my friends

This says it all!
Fix your eyes not on what is seen, but on what is unseen
What is seen is temporary
What is unseen is eternal
Thank you my dear friend

Well the holiday season is a great time of year, but that doesn't mean there aren't problems.  I was on a roll of keeping myself so busy that I almost forgot about cancer and my other problems.  They aren't major problems, but they do cause me stress and struggle.  So one thing I've learned is to ask for help and I'm blessed with some very special friends.  I spoke to B on the phone and she made me laugh and gave me positive vibes and emailed me a delicious salad recipe.

Spinach Salad with Strawberries
15 Min Prep. Portions-10

2 – 6 oz. pkg. Fresh Spinach
1 – Qt. Fresh Strawberries halved
1 – 2-1/4 oz. Pkg. Sliced Almonds
1 – 2 oz. Pkg. Slivered Almonds


1/2 C Sugar
1/4 C Cider Vinegar
1-1/2 teaspoon finely chopped onion
1/4 teasp Paprika
1/4 teasp. Worcestershire
1/2 C Vegetable oil
1 Tablsp. Poppy Seeds (Add last)
1 Tablsp. Sesame Seeds(Add last)
Do ahead if you wish: Dressing
Combine sugar, vinegar, onion, paprika and Worcestershire sauce
in blender. Process 30 seconds. Add oil and blend in seeds with
spoon. This can be done and stored ahead of time.

Toast almonds under broiler until light brown.
Spinach: Remove stems and wash – pat dry.
Tear into bite sized pieces.
Combine spinach, strawberries and almonds in large bowl.
Cover and Chill. This can be done several hours before serving.
Just before serving pour dressing over salad.

I then called another friend I know loves scripture.  I asked her to say a little prayer for me and then if by chance a scripture comes to mind- pass it on to me.  Well she did just that and it was absolutely perfect.  She had no idea what my problem was as I just left a voice mail.  Well she came through for me.  The scripture she chose to hand write, spoke right to my heart.  The above picture is the note she sent me.  She also sent me many other typed scriptures, but I know the handwritten one was special for me.  I love my friends and family.

So that being said- I've been thinking/praying a lot.  I just need something to sooth me - to keep me going with a happy heart.  I feel like my light is dim at times.  It's a constant fight I think we all go through?  Well God speaks to me in many different ways.  I don't always listen to Christian Radio and I don't know that I've ever listen to Joel Osteen preach before, but I have recently.

Joel spoke of this bible story concerning a military leader- Joshua.  He had a plan to win the battle, but he instead went on his faith in God and went with God's plan.

Here is a portion:

Joshua worshiped Him and listened carefully to the battle plan.  He spoke as if the city of Jericho was already won.  This surely strengthened Joshua's faith.  He was being told the future before it even happened by God!
This was the plan:  For six days the army would circle the city once while the priests blew their ram's horns.  The priests with trumpets went first, then the priests which carried the Ark of the Covenant, then the army.  The only sound would be the sound of the horns; no one could speak a word. Then on the seventh day, they would circle the city seven times in the same manner, and then when Joshua gave the signal, they would shout with a great shout. Then the walls would fall flat...

I can relate my struggles to this story because:

1. God spoke to Joshua as if the battle was already won- positive thinking is so very important.

2. These incredibly holy people were asked not to speak to each other- see if one of these dear people  weak and spoke of it - it would have spread to others.  The people were stronger united in silence with God as their God and provider. 

Keeping our eye on God and going to him is really a way to grow and heal.

and so that's my preaching for today!!!

I'm working to get ready for Christmas, but I think I'm getting a cold so I'm eating my oranges, taking Airborne and drinking lemon water.  I'm also trying to be more organized and I have to say getting my clothes together before hand really helps.  I'm actually wearing stuff I haven't worn in a while.  I often get stuck wearing the same old same old- cuz it's easy.

This week I took my Stella and Dot jewelry and based my outfits around them and today ended up like this:

Here's my jewelry from my party

and here's what I choose to wear with them
I haven't wore this skirt in a LONG time.

Ok- and how cute is this gift?
I'm in love! 

This post was all over the place, but I really wanted to get the information on God out there; because as time passes my mind gets busy and well the story just isn't as good.  And I really want to remember my God stuff. 
So have a Coke and a Smile :)
wish I could have one of these

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Don't forget to play your Christmas music and Free Shipping Day!

I'm trying really hard to get my Christmas albums on my iphone, but it's not going too well.  So far I at least got 2 of favorites on.

A couple of my favorites are.....

 it's not the original performers, but it's still pretty good.  I like it a lot.

I do also like my CD with the original recordings, but I'm unable to find it.  :(  May have to just search itunes for each song.  I have the case, but no CD.

Well-  I LOVE LOVE girl groups from the 60s.  
And if I could come back as someone I'd come back as Ronnie Spector of the Ronetts....

So it only makes sense that A Christmas Gift for You From Phil Spector is my favorite!

And then dear to my heart is this album:

This was Lucas' 1st CD.  Being he was a December baby it was perfect- my mom brought it over for him and we loved playing it.  It's all music and it's just so fun.  It also has the lyrics so you can actually sing the words yourself.  I will never forget playing this for him and seeing his eyes light up and he was just an infant.

Free Shipping Day this year is December 17th check it out HERE