Monday, December 31, 2012

A couple crafts and something I love right now!

I made these snowman ornaments when my nephews and niece came over for a sleep over.  This craft was SUPER SIMPLE and there was no gluing!
check out youtube for a video on this craft

For my friends like my Pilates instructor I had wanted to make pillow spray.  But when I got sick it was canceled till next year.  It's another SUPER SIMPLE craft.
I guess I'll test out the one that I did make.

All you need is water, alcohol and oil scent of your choice.

Last for New Year's Eve I wanted a sparkle barrette - I found this barrette at Target and did a little hot gluing....

I made this necklace for my mom
I originally found this vintage pendant and fell in love with it- so I bought it and created my own beaded necklaces for it.  I counted out the blue beads in the small necklace so that they were in 12s, 13s, and 24s divided by a small gold bead- just a couple of very special numbers.


and onto a couple of lip items I'm digging right now~
In the winter my normal chap sticks aren't cutting it so I found this at Bath and Body Works and it's great!

They also have a night time one I use before bed!

And no matter how chapped my lips get I still wanna wear lipstick and these are awesome..
Revlon Colorburst LipButter- they are super moisturizing and have great color payoff.  If you want an everyday color that makes your teeth look nice and white you should try #001 Pink Truffle- it's great and would probably look good on anyone.  I know in the picture it looks dark, but it a great pinky/brown color.
You can find these lipsticks at any drugstore- but they are cheapest at Walmart or Target.

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