Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Getting ready for Christmas the organized way....and Christmas Spirit!

Going to the Christmas Tea with mom was so nice and really helped me get into the Christmas Spirit!
They served this yummy cocktail they called a Poinsettia
They said it was champagne mixed with CranRaspberry juice and they put 2 raspberries in every one's glass.

Well in trying to prepare for Christmas in the organized way I tend to get a little snippy, but I do try and correct myself.  I think with getting our house more organized it will in the end save time and grief.  In doing all this stuff around my house my workouts have suffered, but honestly I have to just finish this before I can relax and enjoy my workouts.  I have to let go of all the guilt feels for now and just know I'll be back at it next week soon!!

here's a quick

Is it possible we get a Christmas gift every day it's just a matter of opening it?
Life can seem so difficult and it's hard for all of us- but look how far we've come!  We have made major accomplishments whether it's been raising a child, caring for a pet, battling an addiction, leaving bad people behind, helped with homework, donated time and money- we did stuff! 
No matter how small.

A couple of nights I've been a brat like I said- mostly feeling sorry for myself- missing my old body- but look how far I've come
This was such a hard time for me, but it was only by one day at a time and the support of all my family and friends that I made it to today.
.......but life is a continual journey and this was just one of my many stops.
I have so much more to grow!
I hope I always remember to love everyone as the special gift they are. 
The day of Lucas' surprise party I was running around like mad doing errands and I had major problems arise- but I ran into my mom at Walmart and thank goodness as I had a major dilemma there.  So anyways I was rushing rushing and my mom called to check on me after we had said our good byes and she said to me, "Did you hear that guy singing at the front door?"  
Well I did see and hear him- but I was so rushed I didn't enjoy it.
My mom went on to say what a wonderful voice he had and she was so right.
It made me stop and think that I need to slow down and really enjoy gifts that are given to me everyday that I take for granted.  He did have an awesome voice and what a great treat after having to deal with busy Walmart!
This gift I didn't miss- An 82 year old woman at the grocery store:

She asks me:
What do you call a fake noodle?
I don't know
An Impasta
She was definitely a gift that day in the grocery line.   She was so cute and so happy despite the very spacey cashier.  She told me another joke, but it was a bit dirty so I'll keep it to myself.  
I have so much more to grow!

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AmyD said...

I stinkin' love ya girl! what a cute video. One thing that I have known of you since I met you and since you have endured the cancer battle was what a genuine loving and caring person you are. So no matter how much life changes and what gets dealt to us I know you will always be that person! Great job on organizing! come on down to York, pa next:)