Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Don't forget to play your Christmas music and Free Shipping Day!

I'm trying really hard to get my Christmas albums on my iphone, but it's not going too well.  So far I at least got 2 of favorites on.

A couple of my favorites are.....

 it's not the original performers, but it's still pretty good.  I like it a lot.

I do also like my CD with the original recordings, but I'm unable to find it.  :(  May have to just search itunes for each song.  I have the case, but no CD.

Well-  I LOVE LOVE girl groups from the 60s.  
And if I could come back as someone I'd come back as Ronnie Spector of the Ronetts....

So it only makes sense that A Christmas Gift for You From Phil Spector is my favorite!

And then dear to my heart is this album:

This was Lucas' 1st CD.  Being he was a December baby it was perfect- my mom brought it over for him and we loved playing it.  It's all music and it's just so fun.  It also has the lyrics so you can actually sing the words yourself.  I will never forget playing this for him and seeing his eyes light up and he was just an infant.

Free Shipping Day this year is December 17th check it out HERE

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