Friday, November 30, 2012

Tomorrow is the day!

Well besides signing myself up for Pilates and Spinning tomorrow- I will be very tempted to hit Target!

You may have seen the FUN commercial

What's it all about - well Neiman Marcus and Target Collaborating- YUMMY!

You can get some tips HERE
Big cities like Boston and NY will expect some serious hustle and bustle so as you can read in the article they have suggestions so that you can maybe get your hands on something really special for a nice price.  The  collection will also be available on Neiman Marcus on-line and in their store!  Our Target shouldn't be bad so it's worth a shot- it's great to know that EVERY Target will carry the collection.

The article also links you to the lookbook~ maybe you'll see something~ maybe you won't.  Just knowing these designers will be available to us is exciting to me.  I may just like the excitement more than the actual items.....except I did spy an Oscar de la Renta purse- COME ON!

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