Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Wowza- So MUCH going on!!!!

$16 Christmas Dress

Well I had such a nice vacation away with Rob!  It was nice to get away for Our 4yr Anniversary- I can't believe it's been 4 years- that seemed to go by SO quick!  That's a long time- I've never been married that long. lol.

Getting away is probably the best Anniversary gift ever!

As soon as we got back it was Thanksgiving and I did my first 8k with my girl AMY!!!  I'm so lucky to have a friend like Amy- if it hadn't been for her I would have never done it.  I don't know if I would have even started running like I have been- had she not have posted her running on FB.  The other night when we were out she reminded me that I had run before- (because I constantly tell her I don't like running) I did run before when I was married before.  I was under a lot of stress and I would just go out side and run - fast as I could to try and get some relief.  It was no where near the running I do today- so I'm thinking that could be my reasoning behind always saying I hate running.  I need to turn that around and really think about- I couldn't possibly hate running and run like I do?  NO way - so ya know what I like running- I'm not a super star, but I like running and I honestly think if I couldn't run I would surely miss it. 

I had fun Amy!!

We had a great Thanksgiving with Family and Friends!!  I miss them all now :(

So I'm trying really hard to get a jump on things this Christmas- but first I felt the need to organize my house.  I know this sounds absolutely crazy from a slob.....well I'm not really a slob at heart....lol.

This weekend I began my kitchen cabinets and pantry.  I should have taken before pictures- but I didn't think of it.  Not only did I go through every spice and every expiration date I also made myself an excel spreadsheet so I know what I have!  So many times I buy stuff I already have.  What I really liked going over was the liquor- I like my collection and I can think of a couple things I'd like to add  :)
Rob got a good laugh at all my crazy notes and lists......I feel nutz sometimes......like obsessive compulsive in a bipolar fashion!!!!  Am I the only one who does stuff like that- like I have stuff all over and then one day I will organize like I love it?

Next - like tonight I want to deal with these 2

So another part of Christmas is Lucas' Birthday, Christmas outfits, Christmas cards, and gift wrapping.  SO I set up an area to do just cards and an area to do just wrapping- WOWZA- I'm SO excited!!!  Part of Christmas dressing is knowing what you have and what you need- I had organized a lot of my clothes a couple of months ago so I'm good there- I know have to work more on Lucas' attire.  This weekend I also cleaned my washing machine from another season of seal coating.  I'm thinking of going to the Laundromat with the dog's bed clothes- pet hair is GROSSing me out lately.  Wow was my washer dirty- yuk.

Speaking of dressing- I have my holiday dress and it's from one of my favorites- I don't think I'll even mention the store- see if you can figure it out.

Look at this adorable outfit for my little nephew Sam

and I LOVE this outfit- I already have the sweater

yeah it's Kmart....that dress was only $16- now I just have to accessorize it!  And speaking of accessorizing DON'T forget to stock up on your hose!!!  Especially if you are lucky enough to have little ladies living in your house!!!

As a young wild single girl I did many last minute runs for stockings!!!  I've learned to always have a pair to spare.  Oh and Santa panties can't hurt.


Amy D said...

Yes you are a runner and you rock at it!! I am so happy we did the run together!! What a great achievement for both of us! The dress is super cute! If only I had your eye and sense of style!!! That is so awesome you did the paddling on vacation. I think that is what it is called. I want to do it so bad!!!

Danielle said...

You would love it...we should paddle together sometime!!! I'm thinking of you all the time and your hard work on your kitchen. Hope you are taking lots of pictures!!!

amy d said...

Where can we paddle? I would love to do it. Oh thanks on the kitchen!! It has been short sleepless nights. I just finished all framing on the cabinets so Keith can start the floor install Friday night. Tonight I will begin primering the doors. Since getting past the cleaning and sanding it has gotten much easier and enjoyable! I am getting excited!!