Sunday, November 4, 2012

Weigh In


Well my weight is on the way down- I hope to do well again this week by:

Using my FitnessPal
Working hard at Pilates
Running more.....outside in the cold.
Drinking more water and eating more in season fruit and veggies by being better organized.

I recently went over to my brother's home for Halloween and the kids were all running around and my brother was super busy- carving pumpkins, painting faces and every thing else- and I noticed bowls of veggie on the table for snacking it's so smart to just cut up veggies when you are busy so the kids can snack up on good stuff before dinner- which this night was pizza.  And us adults can also enjoy the veggies!!!

 and here are a couple shots from the party we went to

I love going with this clown.........I could go anywhere with him and feel so much better and have SO much fun.  I'm so lucky.  Blessed!

aw my girl Jen- she's great fun!

I got a few compliments on my nails- which I did love almost as much as my hair! 
I used Essie- leading lady
Maybelline- Color Show- Rose Bling
and my ring finger is ColorShow- stick on nail art

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amy d said...

way to go on the loss!!! I just loved your costumes and the party looked like great fun. I bet you were in your halloween glory!