Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Isn't he cute?
This years Christmas decorating is going to be all about kid stuff and I've pulled out all my musical animals and snowmen......everything that plays will be out this year and I'm hoping to have my nephews and niece over one night for something fun!!!!  Tonight I tried playing them all at once- it's childish but it's so darn fun!

I was also able to get some organizing done- this area has now turned into a holding area of items needing fixing or repair..
 Linen Closet Done- Thank goodness- it was driving us nutz~

Also made dinner - thanks to a nice little article I found on quick meals
Read it HERE

I got my little line-up going and it wasn't actually all that bad to make....

 Here's my chicken before it was just looks so good.  Tonight I will use another recipe from on there which used pasta and combine the 2 dishes since we had chicken left over.  The past dish calls for only a couple of ingredients we all usually have on hand.

Gift wrapping area ready for some wrapping

My card writing desk is all ready
just need the cards

We have little guys waiting for batteries

And we have stuff just standing around waiting to get put

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