Monday, November 12, 2012

Life moving on.....late posting

These legs better get their job done on Turkey day!!!


I better get rid of at least a couple of pounds - it's only fair if I expect these legs to carry me around.

Well I'm a little late getting this out- but it's been a little busy.  I'm trying really hard to get more organized so that Christmas won't be too stressful and more enjoyable!

We are also starting to get moving with our piece of land.
This is where our house will go

Even Maggie got up to the land...

It's very exciting and a little scary all at the same time! 

I absolutely love our family pictures we had taken by Annie Sullivan Photography.

It was fun and Annie made it a sucess- she even got Lucas to laugh!

To see a picture where the 3 of us are laughing is really priceless- I cried

So my weight was up- but since I've started back up with my FitnessPal I know why- I LOVE to eat.  I eat a lot of stuff all day long.  I love to I need to pull it back a bit.

As time gets closer for the Turkey Trot I'm getting more nervous.  I just can't imagine running along people- I do a lot of self talk pushing myself, so I hope I can handle it.  I'm not a runner runner so I wonder how I will do.....I'm just plain scared.  So glad my friend Amy will be there too.


Anonymous said...

Nice legs. You definitely are a runner.

Amy D said...

Girl those legs look great!!! You are going to do so well on the run. I am nervous too, but we will persevere and kick ass!! Have fun on your vacation!!!!