Thursday, November 29, 2012

Craft Ideas and back to the grind........


Aw- Miss Mustard Seed- had these on her site.  She's a PA girl and her site is great.

Last nights dinner- yummy!

So I've been totally slacking with working out- at least I haven't been just sitting around - I really have been trying to get our home organized and ready for the holiday. 
 But now it's back to my usual attire- workout clothes.  I'm lucky I can wear my workout clothes to work.  Since losing some weight I really enjoy wearing clothes clothes!!!  It's just not as efficient to do that.
So this morning I did try to spice it us a little 
I threw an infinity scarf on.  I do love this scarf and I have a couple.  I like them because they are super light which is good for me because of getting hot and cold.  I found these at Rue21 for like 7 or 8 bucks.  They are perfect when you want a scarf to throw on before you head to the gym and OK for after when you may be heated up.

I think I've organized everything I wanted except under the sink so now I'm on to "Special Forces" and getting ready to do a couple of crafts.

Special Forces: These are organizing/purging areas of my life that call for grit and determination and special forces to know what to keep and what to purge.  This battle will also take time.

Now craft ideas I LOVE-
I linked to as much as possible- just click the picture.

 I seen these- and they are heavenly to me. 
I absolutely love birds still!  
I would love to do these.

and she had this awesome post:

Check these out:
all with a Sharpie!

 and more crafts.....
Strawberry Leather

Pillow/Linen Spray

 I have a neck project I'm working on....this one is very nice and looks fairly simple- 
but you can also just purchase it on Esty
or how about these

 These are awesome- Xmas light magnets

This website had some cool- a lot of ModPodge

 Then on Miss Mustard Seed I feel in love with these- personalized snowman families made by Michelle (A Pinch of Prim).  You can click on the picture to go to her store.  You may think they are pricey- but it is just such a special idea.  Something you can always have to remember when you had your little family.

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amy said...

ok too ironic- I was just on Mustard seed yesterday and saw those snowmen thinking how stinkin' cute, but at $85 ouch!!!