Thursday, November 8, 2012

OK- let this week end!

This week started off crappy and it just got worse!!! Ugh. 

Well I'm so thankful Amy got me doing this Turkey Trot as it gets my mind off other things.  I had my annual Gynecological appointment and ultra sound and it looks like a have another polyp.  There is a new ultra sound test they will do to I guess make sure it's a polyp and not some sort of shadow???  I know sounds a little off.  As I was reading about the procedure I also read they can scrape of take a part of my uterus and check the cells...hmmmm.  This may be nice seeing my Tamoxifen can cause cancer of the uterus.  It's better to be safe than sorry, but I'm not looking forward to a procedure that will maybe hurt.  I hate pain- and I know I've had some major surgery before- BUT I'm still afraid of doctors and dentist.  And having a procedure with your legs open just isn't pretty or fun.  At times my legs just want to clamp up.....ugh.  I can take pain medication before so I probably will.....

The procedure:

•Sonohysterogram: A special type of ultrasound in which the radiologist fills the uterine cavity with saline using a narrow catheter. The saline distends the cavity (like a balloon) and creates a space between the walls. This aids in visualizing polyps that may be missed with traditional ultrasound.

After that if it is polyp - he will want to remove and test it.  With my history it a precaution I feel good about taking.

I'm pretty sure it's probably just benign- seeing I haven't had any symptoms that cause worry like unusual bleeding.

Who is at Risk?

The exact cause of uterine polyps is unknown, but they are sensitive to the hormone estrogen. You may be more likely to develop polyps if any of the following are true:

•Age 40 to 50

•Pre- or peri-menopausal

•Obese, or having a body mass index of 30 or more (such as a 5-foot, 9-inch adult weighing 203 pounds)

•Currently or formerly taking an anti-estrogen drug like Nolvadex (tamoxifen).

Here's where I got some of my information

We will see how it goes.  We leave for a little Anniversary celebration next Wednesday so I won't be doing anything until after that if it is a polyp.  I'll be taking Mr. Polyp along for a little trip....hey maybe he'll decide to disappear while

OK....on running I got myself a few little things I needed for running in cooler weather.  I'm far from knowing what to do, but thanks to Amy and the Internet I'm figuring some things out.

Here's what I got:

 Ok so only 3 of the items are for my running- The knit hat- which is cheaper on-line as well as the headband!  The headband has a whole for your ponytail...yeah.  Oh and the batman panties- inspiration from a super hero!!!

The other 3 items....well
I needed a cute black belt with silver accents, the pants are my favorite (ankle length) pants, and well the necklace was on clearance and I love it.  They are like 8.98- they have some with red sparkle balls and some with blue too....very cute.

- I had to order these gloves online because they didn't have my size in the store:

and I'm so happy to report a locker opened up at the gym and I'm locker number 14!!!!!  Yeah- I was on a wait list for a while.  Now I won't have to drag so much stuff in and out!!!  Like my pink lock???


Danielle said...

Darn it - I was hoping anonymous was too busy to read this post!
I know- I will - don't get the truck just yet! :)

amy D said...

Hey the necklace was on clearance- that is saving money-haha!! It is cute- love those pants- wishing I could pull them off:)